Story time…..

Hay All!!

Guess what? It was my birthday the Sunday just gone! *does birthday dance*  Look at one of the things I got….every charm is the cover of my book!!  I love it!


Yeah I know most people are like “pfft getting too old to care.” “or I don’t want people to know it’s my birthday cause I’m getting older.” But it’s different for me, every birthday is another poke in the eye for the medical “professionals” who said it wouldn’t ever happen, some of you who know me may already know this tale but for those who don’t are you ready for a story? Are you all sitting comfortably? well I shall begin…

Let me set the scene for you….it’s late seventies, the decade fashion forgot….trust me I’ve seen the pictures, it didn’t forget it pretended it never exsisted….however I digress…

So it’s late seventies and my parents have a lovely family, two boys and two girls and everything is peachy. Their kids are in the mid to late teens getting ready to start the adult lives. My mum doesn’t feel too well and is told she needs to have dialysis because one of her kidneys is not working to well. For several weeks, months she has dialysis and loads of meds.

On a standard visit to the doctor she mentions she’s not feeling well, perhaps coming down with something. The conversation goes something like this (fyi I obviously wasn’t there so in my head this it what it went like.)

“Mrs Nicholls, the symptoms your are decribing suggest you are pregnant”

“Doc, I’ve had four kids, trust me if I was pregnant I would know.”

“None the less, let’s just do a test to make sure and we can tick it off the list.”

“Sure, why not. Haven’t done one of those in nearly 13 years it will be like old times.”

Cut to a while later and both the doctor and my mum looking opened mouthed at a positive test result.

“But, but I can’t be.”

“You can and are Mrs Nicholls. Let me speak to your kidney specialist we’ll discuss next steps.”

So at this point my mother heads home and tells me dad who is shocked as well and then they tell their four teenage kids. My brothers are all like “yeah whatever, it’s baby just don’t expect us to change nappies or anything.”

My sisters are all squeally and already planning on baby clothes shopping…..

So a couple of days later my parents are called to the doctor’s office.

“Mr and Mrs Nicholls, we’ve run some more tests, and we have some serious major concerns about your health and the health of the baby.” Kidney Doc says

“Is that why I haven’t felt it move?” My mum asks.

“The medication you are on has in effect permanently been sedated the fetus, it hasn’t moved because it’s never woken up.”

More medical discussions occurs over several days. But let me break it down for you like this

* The child will be well over 11 pounds

*The child will be mentally and physically disabled

*The child will not survive

* You won’t survive Mrs Nicholls

* You need to have an abortion, It February, you’re not due until August, you can still abort.

So my parents went away and did some soul-searching. My mum went for that abortion, well I say she went, she walked out of our house down the street, turned around and came back. She couldn’t do it.

The doctors were less than impressed but she didn’t care.

Many tests and hospital stays later they send her home for some rest… yeah cause sending you home to a house full of kids is rest…..

Just as she gets home her waters break……yeah I know.,….. It’s early April and she’s not due until August…..queue major freaking out…..

Having been rushed back into hospital they tell her the only thing to do it have a c-section.

The operation causes my mum to hemorrhage and she is unconscious for 2 days. When she comes round, she asks what happened to the baby. No one tells her anything so my mum being tough as old boots goes looking for me, dragging her drip and the works with her.

She finds me, cause apparently I looked just like my oldest sister did, let me break down the health issues I had when I was born.


yeah that’s right I was born TO TERM, 6 pounds 12 oz, perfectly healthy!!!!!

Yeah that’s right not only did the get the month I was expected wrong, not but a little but by 4 months! but they tried to kill me….I am holding a grudge….just so you know.

So every birthday I do a little happy dance and think about those medical professionals……and thank my lucky stars my mum is who she is!

And that’s my story for today…… not exactly what you were expecting I know, but I like to share every now and then. It helps remind me that even on days where the world is not being as helpful as it could be, things could be worse….I may not be here at all.

See started off on a “where the heck is she going?” type thing to “aww happy ending”

Happy Wednesday EVERYONE!!!!!!!!

Remember……something as simple as a cuddle can fix so many things…..share a cuddle today!  (except with me, cause I’m really not a cuddler.)


11 thoughts on “Story time…..

  1. Well, you learn something new every day! Hats off to your mum coz if she hadn’t been so fab, today I wouldn’t have anyone to nag me about keeping my phone charged 😉


  2. Thanks to your mother’s strength and courage – which she obviously passed on to you – our world is a happier, funnier & smexier place! Very glad you are in it. Happy belated (and many many more) birthday! 😀


  3. Happy Birthday, Cherie. What a great story. You’re still getting a hug – not a cuddle – but a hug from me – so be warned. I will sneak up on you at RT and hug you when you least expect it. I give good hugs, I’ve been told.


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