Size Matters … Are We Surprised?

Marble_male_torso,_Roman_after_Greek_original,_2nd_century_CE,_Honolulu_Academy_of_ArtsRecently read an article in the USA Today Life Section about a study done in Australia about male organ size under the guise of a study on male attractiveness.

105 heterosexual women were surveyed. They were given over 300 images of life-size male outlines and asked to pick the most attractive male. The images were in a non-aroused state (and one presumes naked). The majority of women chose tall, broad-shouldered men for the most part — not surprising since studies had already been done in the area of body types. The researchers found that in this particular study male penis size was also a contributing factor in many of the women’s choices.

Of course, the study also noted that “attractiveness” results stopped increasing after a certain penile length was reached, which was three inches in a non-aroused state, and that much of the pleasing aspect of the male figure might have been due more to overall proportion than actual penile size. I took this to mean that tall, broad-shouldered men usually have larger dicks.

So this got me to thinking, one, where do I sign up for such a study? — and two, these researchers could’ve saved a lot of time and money by just polling romance authors/readers for their opinions. Because we know from reading and writing romance that size does matter. Romance readers like their heroes to have big equipment. Knowing how to use said penis is always a plus, too.

My question is this — has any romance reader ever read a romance (and this is romance where some kind of sexual activity occurs, so rules out sweet romances and the like) in which the hero or romantic male lead does NOT have a large dick?

Inquiring minds want to know.

[Image used under a Wikimedia Commons license. Click on picture to see original.]

14 thoughts on “Size Matters … Are We Surprised?

  1. I write mid-level heat in my novels, but although my heroes are big men and everything is in proportion, I never mention penis size. However, since my heroes and heroines are fated mates, it wouldn’t matter if he wasn’t proportionate. πŸ™‚


  2. Hmm. I’m fairly certain I’ve read at least a couple where the guy was just average length/size, but can’t think of any specific examples off the top of my head. I do tend to read a lot more PNR than contemporary or historical though, and supernaturals do tend to have super-sized equipment, lol. Can’t think of any where the guy was on the small side…


  3. I’ll admit, I want a hero with a large penis, but I’d take mediocre as long as he knows what the hell to do with it. πŸ™‚ That being said, I can’t think of a romance novel that doesn’t include a well-endowed male hero. God, I love this blog. πŸ™‚


    • Thanks, Parker. I couldn’t think of a romance novel where the hero was less than well-endowed either. But then size is relative (which is what I think the full report probably says) to the man’s overall body type.

      Just read Dangerous Refuge by Elizabeth Lowell and even she mentioned her hero’s impressive size and girth.


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