What’s happening in my writing life? Lynn Lorenz

So, this spring has been far busier than I planned. Isn’t that the way it works? After I talked all big about slowing down, taking time, taking it easy? Man, open your mouth and WHAM! your foot gets lodged in there tight.

I’ve got a few books coming out and a few books due and just did a free read and I’m finishing another free read and I’m going to RT and appearing at Comicpalooza….*sucks in a deep breath* and that’s all before June!

What the hell was I thinking???? Oh, I remember, I wanted a long, leisurely leisurely summer to spend time working on a new book or two, that I didn’t have time to work on before…yeah, that’s right! Summer!

    Liquid Silver Books

Under a Moonlit Night – coming out May 14th – a collection of stories about shifters. Mine is McCallan’s Secret, and if you’ve read any of my McCallan books, you’ll know about Caroline McCallan, the matriarch of the werewolf clan who keeps her boys in line with a steely gaze and a mother’s love, not to mention a bit of guilt every now and then. Here’s the blurb –
When Carrie McCallan, matriarch of the lumber company McCallans, finally decides to remarry, she’s faced with not only letting a man into her life for the first time since her husband’s death, but telling this man about her family’s secret. Not so hard, unless the secret is your family is a pack of werewolves. Carrie will have to take a chance on Leon Wong and discover if he loves her enough not to turn and run.

The other authors in the collection are Vanessa North, Cherie Nicholls and Lea Griffith, all wonderful writers with great stories. Hope you’ll look for it in May!

Amber Quill Press – Amber Allure
Truth or Lie – this story will probably be released toward the end of May. It’s a novella for their Everyday Immortals PAX – a special collection of 5 books around a theme. My story involves the sexy but geeky descendant of Artemis and Socrates – a teacher who can tell when someone lies to him – and a hunky fireman with dyslexia who falls for him. Both have backed off of finding love, until a small red-headed boy brings them together. Where there’s sparks….

And I’m preparing to start on another novella for the Gothic PAX, due June 1st. This one will be a gay version of the governess/master of the manor trope, only set in the late 1800’s in New Orleans, called Coliseum Square. I’m planning it all out now, and will start writing next week. I don’t have a cover, but I’ll post it when I do. This one should come out sometime mid-to-late summer.

black-and-white-boyman-errrr-funny-penis-shirt-Favim.com-106439_thumbFree book – Love Has No Boundaries – for the M/M Goodreads group. We select a picture posted by a member (this is mine) and they give a writing prompt and we authors run with it. This is my first time doing this, and I’m really loving my story. It’s called Smartass and it’s about a young man, Ricky Vargas who’s looking for a hero. His method of finding his man is dangerous and reckless and pushes Dirk McAfee’s buttons like no one else since Dirk left the military. The kid is crazy and a smartass on top of it and well on his way to getting himself beaten or killed. But Dirk’s decided it won’t happen on his watch.

Appearances… Romantic Times Convention, Kansas City, Mo. April 30-May 5th.
I’ll be on several panels and hosting (along with 10 lovely ladies) a Reader’s event fast becoming an RT favorite – Pimp Your Badge! This year, the event has grown from 75 to 200 readers! We’re thrilled and awed and shaking in our boots! But everyone has such a good time, and we have wonderful door prizes and giveaways! If you’re going to be near or in Kansas City, please drop into the event and say hi! Oh, and pimp your badge!

Comicpalooza 2013 – Houston, Tx, May 24, 25,26th at the George R Brown Convention Center. This is a huge event – they’re expecting close to 15K people each day! It’s a celebration of all things comic book, sci-fi and there’s even a Battlestar Galactica convention happening at the same time. This year, they’re having a literary track, hosting panels on topics such as paranormal, sci-fi, YA, craft, and also, GLBT panels. Myself, Treva Harte, ZA Maxfield and Belinda McBride will be talking about GLBT characters in comics, manga, and anime. If you’re in Houston, come on out! (no pun intended).

And then that’s it. (exhale of breath) I swear, that’s it. This summer I’m finishing the sequel to Tor, WereWolf Fight League, called Ashland. Hoping for an early fall release. And I’m going to be working on those two books I’ve put off forever.
And getting my son ready for college. But three months of time to just write on these books will be heaven!

And if anyone asks me to do anything else…
Oh, who am I kidding? I have a manuscript out with a publisher and I’m waiting to hear about it. And if the sale comes through, then I’ll have edits sometime during the summer. But edits, that’s all.

Seriously. Do you think I have a problem?????

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