Girl’s Night Out

As a busy wife, mother, and writer there is nothing I like to hear more than three little words…Girl’s Night Out! Well, in this case, I’m actually getting a weekend out. Saturday I will be hitting Montgomery, AL with two of my gal pals for dinner and drinks. Sounds fun, right? Don’t be jealous. I deserve it. ; )

I bet you’re probably wondering what this has to do with my writing career. Let me fill you in. For the past couple weeks, I hit a standstill. I finished up book 2 of my Out of Bounds series (as Christy Gissendaner) and then had trouble figuring out what to work on next. I fiddled with book 5 of The Princes, but I haven’t gotten down and dirty with it quite yet. I’m hoping I’ll have a chance to bounce ideas off my pals this weekend. One of them is my beta reader, so she’ll be a good one to have around.

But not everything will be about work. I’m hoping to just relax and have a good time. Between my promotion at the day job, the hubby’s fledgling new business, t-ball for the boys, and just life in general, I’ve been strung out everywhere it seems. Even so, I’m anxious to get back to writing. I’ve got goals and I can’t very well reach them if I can’t decide what to write next. So stay tuned for what I decide!

In the meantime, I turn the attention to you. What makes a perfect girl’s night out? (Other than the fantabulous strippers of Lucky’s Charms, of course!)

4 thoughts on “Girl’s Night Out

  1. Yay, girls’ night out. You deserve one, sweetie.

    For me, my best girls’ night out — is sending my hubby and son out so I can have the house to myself and nest. I am not a social butterfly — I like my home and peace and quiet with my cat curled on my lap, the Food Network on for background noise, and a good book. Yeah, I’m boring. I get enough nights out when I go to my 3-4 writing conventions a year — it takes me the rest of the time to decompress.


    • Speaking of house to your self…somehow it’s taco night (my favorite) and I’m here ALONE! My kids are with their MeMe. The hubby at work still. I don’t know what to do with all the quiet. I can actually hear the rain on the roof!


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