T – minus and counting

Hay All!

So this is my last post…..no not forever don’t worry or better yet stop cheering, rude!!  As I was saying this will be my last post before I head over to my very first Author Conference. I, as well as several other L, L & L ladies, will be at The Romance Times Conference in Kansas next week!

You may remember that I’m the european arm of Love, Lust and Laptops so this is kind of a big thing for me. Not only my very first conference of its type, but also my first time travelling so far and staying by my self. *gasp*

I have made lists and trust me when I say I hate lists….like alot! So me making them is a new-found need I have.

And I can tell you I’ll for sure be at the Liquid Silver Spotlight at around 4pm if you want to come and say Hi!! Or if you see me around, come up and chat….but remember I’m not really a hugger no matter what Vanessa North tells you!! Yeah I have my eye on you lady!

And guess what happens the week after I get back…go on guess….no?  Well my Femdom story comes out!! EEEEKKKKK it’s part of a short story collection with some of the other ladies here….  love at the heavenly cover!


Tracing his Heart, started out as a brain dump and then turned into…..well you’ll just have to wait and see!

Under the Moonlit Night is out on Monday May 8th!

Right I have to love you and leave you…..the everyday job is claiming my attention….rude I know right? and just when I was getting to a teasing sex scene too….darn it…….

So until next time remember…….I may be cuddly looking…..but don’t mean you should cuddle me…..just saying…. 😉



8 thoughts on “T – minus and counting

  1. Well, there isn’t much to Kansas, but I hope you enjoy it. I do find it rather odd so many sexy authors are gathering in the damn buckle of the Bible Belt, but hey,maybe hiding in plain sight is a good thing?

    And who wouldn’t want to hug Vanessa? She gives great hug.


  2. Cherie– KC is in the Bible Belt as Nickie says – but what happens in KC, stays in KC — well, until we Twitter it allover the damn place. And you will be hugged lady — enough pina coladas in you and you’ll be hugging back. (Pstt, I’m telling the bartender to double the alcohol). See you soon and have a safe flight.


  3. Wheeee! Can’t wait to hug—er, see– you Cherie! And it is an honor to be sharing in an antho with you and Lynn and the AMAZEBALLS Lea Griffith. ❤ We do have such a yummy cover too, don't we?


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