Guest Blogger Caridad Pineiro!

It is my pleasure to welcome the award-winning Caridad Pineiro to Love, Lust and Laptops today! Not only is Caridad a prolific author, but she is also an example of one who gives back to her community. She is an inspiration to us all. Please read on as she tells us a bit about the organizations which have moved her and make sure you comment so you can be part of her giveaway. Welcome Caridad!

Caridad Pineiro

I want to thank Love, Lust and Laptops for inviting me to be with you today!  As a way to say thanks, we’re going to do a little giveaway at the end of the blog!

My friends at Love, Lust and Laptops have asked me to come by and chat about some of the events I’ve done for charity and why I do them.

There are lots of reasons actually why I do this.  For starters, Caridad means Charity in Spanish and Charity is actually my nickname.  Then there’s the fact that I wasn’t born in the U.S., but in Cuba.  I was privileged to be able to come to the States and have so many opportunities for a wonderful life.  Finally, there’s all the help that I got when I first started writing, from having a NY Times Bestselling author send my work to her publisher to consider, to all the wonderful friends at Liberty States Fiction Writers who have stuck with me through good times and bad.  Last but not least, my family.  They’re loving and lots of fun.

Because I’ve been blessed with so many good things, I feel as if I should help others in whatever ways that I can.

One of those ways is by using my books to help raise money for worthwhile causes.  Whether it’s to raise money for fellow authors or bloggers, or something like the Brenda Novak Auction for Diabetes Research (you can find my contributions by clicking here,

I try to use my writing to help others.

Along the way, I hope that readers will not only support what I’m doing, but also have a good time with the stories I’ve written.  For example, readers who purchased THE CLAIMED helped me raise money for HOPE FOR THE WARRIORS, an organization that helps military families deal with the wounds of war.  THE CLAIMED is the second book in the SIN HUNTER series which is about a race of energy gatherers along the Jersey Shore.  I hope to release the next book in the series, THE SHATTERED, later this summer.

With THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE, my latest romantic suspense release, I donated funds from sales to the Hurricane Sandy NJ Relief fund to help rebuild the damage that was done in the towns in my area.  Why that fund?  Well, THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE is set in a casino in Atlantic City so it seemed right.  I even wrote the storm into the story so people might have an idea about what people faced when the hurricane hit New Jersey.

I’m also proud to say that my daughter, who owns a surf and skate shop along the Shore, didn’t fall far from the tree.  When her shop was spared damage, she decided to donate a share of the sales from her shop to her town in order to help repair and rebuild.

I’m glad that she understands, as I do, that each and every one of us can make a difference.  I once heard a saying that went like this:  The smallest of acts is better than the biggest of intentions.

So, a lot of small acts by each of us can really make a difference!

What will I do next?  I’ll have to think about that, but for now, here’s the time for that giveaway!  Leave a comment and tell me what  small act you think you can do to make a difference.  I’ll pick one commenter to win a THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE T-shirt and a copy of the latest release in THE CALLING series – KISSED BY A VAMPIRE.

THE SHIFTER’S KISS – erotic paranormal romance novellaAfter almost losing his life in the line of duty, firefighter Victor Edwards turned to his true passion: the ocean, the one place he feels at peace. By day, he studies a magnificent shark. By night he is haunted by erotic dreams of a beautiful woman, filled with a longing he can’t understand.Nali is almost the last of her kind. She knows it’s dangerous to swim so close to shore, but she is drawn to the scarred man watching her and craves his touch on her human form. She can’t help revealing herself to help Victor when he’s injured—and offering herself to him for one week of pleasure. For she only has a few days before she must return to the sea…

GHOST OF A CHANCE – paranormal romance mystery novellaTrue crime writer Tracy Gomez is unsure of what to make of the unusual invitation from New York City attorney Peter Angelo: A one million dollar prize to anyone who can solve the mystery of three deaths which had occurred nearly eighty years earlier. Tracy desperately needs the money to fix up the old inn she’s just inherited and solving the crime will also provide welcome publicity to help her sagging writing career. But accepting the invitation brings unexpected challenges, like spectral help during a séance and Tracy’s attraction to the sexy attorney monitoring the contest. Does Tracy only have a ghost of a chance to discover the secrets of the past or can she win a prize far better than a million dollars?
Peter Angelo’s father is dying and has only one last wish:  To find out if he is related to  State Senator Francis “Skippy” Ryan.  Eighty years earlier, Skippy was accused of murdering his wife and young daughter and then killing himself, but Peter’s father does not believe that’s what really happened on that long ago night and he wants to know the truth about his heritage.
To honor his father’s wishes, Peter assembles a cast of specialists to discover the truth about Skippy and the last night of his life.  But Peter hadn’t gambled on also discovering love during the extraordinary occurrences during the investigations.

27 thoughts on “Guest Blogger Caridad Pineiro!

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  2. What a lovely post. It’s great to hear about someone who helps others and has a passion for writing. I know it’s not much but around my city there are a lot of homeless people. I usually try to give them food, if that’s what their asking for. I will buy it and take it to them. Sometimes I have small change if I have it.

    Nikki Prince


  3. Thank you for visiting, Caridad! It’s so important to spread good vibes around in our world today. The smallest gesture can mean so much to someone else. Just reading your post made me smile.

    Best of luck in your ventures!


  4. I usually can’t help financially but I do give my time. I work one day a week in our Church’s thrift shop. I carry Communion to parishioners in the nursing home. I work with other seniors to try to help other seniors in need. I help raise money for cancer research. I know that is not a lot but it’s all I can do.


  5. I enjoy learning about the personal side of an author, and I’m not disappointed today. My family participates in Shoebox Angel (filled boxes for third-world children with items such as soap, toothbrush, etc.), canned food drive for the local Food Bank, Coats4All (sponsored by our local school district. Coats for those who cannot afford), and a few others. As a daughter and grand-daughter of immigrants, I know it isn’t always easy for those who come to America. It warms my heart hearing stories of these same people who share and care. Excellent post!


  6. Carida, quería darle las gracias por hacer la entrevista. Su donación a bola Vampiro el pasado año fue tan dulce. Yo quería decirle, mi héroe. Probablemente me va llamando de nuevo este año en el mes de agosto.

    This was so nice to learn more about the charities that Senora Caridad doe’s. I know in fact she never ceases to help out. I do a charity auction & raffle in New Orleans every Halloween and Senora Caridad was most generous in helping me with a donation to the charity. She is one of many of my hero’s.

    Teresa K.
    tcwgrlup41(at) yahoodotcom


      • Caridad,

        I do hope you go this year for I will be going this year. And the Queen herself Anne Rice and her son Christopher Rice will be in attendance. Also Molly Harper will be one of our guest author. So I do hope you will be there.



  7. As someone born and raised in New Jersey who spends most weekends down the shore, I loved and appreciated your generosity with A Prince’s Gamble. I have two small children and I always try to teach them that no matter how bad they think they have it because mommy makes them do chores to earn the latest video game they want, there are others who are really in need. We participate in food drives, clothes and coat drives during the winter, even help out the local animal shelter by providing canned food for the pets (that one is especially close to their hearts as both of our dogs are rescues).

    Thank you for everything you do. And I think it’s great that you’ve passed on that charitable value to you daughter.



  8. I really enjoyed The Prince’s Gamble. I just got back from running a 5k trail run to raise money for Autism Awareness a cause close to my heart as my Grandson is Austistic.
    1_trouble at msn dot com


  9. Just wanted to stop by and say Hey Caridad!! I look forward to spending more time with you in New York!! This is one talented and super busy lady!! If you have not had the chance to read one of her books then you seriously need to consider it!! You have been missing out!! Great post!!

    Nikki @ Close Encounters


  10. Caridad —

    Lovely post and thanks for being with us today.

    I’ve done a lot of charitable work over my long (yes, I’m older than y’all) life. Most of it has been by contributing my services whether caring for terminally ill patients on a Hospice unit or using my legal degree to aid indigents or local nonprofits who could not afford to pay for legal services. I truly believe that each of us can help others whether it be by donating monies or time.


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