LL&L descends on Kansas City…

I am sitting in a hotel room in Kansas City with Becca Jameson and AnnMarie McKenna, having just bid a good evening to Monette and Cherie. I anticipate meeting Lynn and Jianne soon. Really, we wish you all were here!

We have a pretty amazing view:


And we are having a blast so far. Cherie totally got her hug on:


And there is more fun to come. Follow us on twitter, check out my instagram @vanessanorth, and watch for updates throughtout the week.

7 thoughts on “LL&L descends on Kansas City…

  1. Aren’t we cute? LOL Cherie looks in pain. She’ll get over it. I have the same view Becca has but from the 29th floor. Since I hate heights, I try not to look down — just straight out. Loved meeting y’all and can’t wait to see Lynn again (met her last year in Chicago) and meet JIanne for the first time. Wish everyone reading this blog could be here with us!


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