Squeeze it all in!

No, I’m not being dirty in my title. Although now I’m seeing how that could work as a dirty title! ūüėČ

I am so pleased to say life is busy right now. Book 6 is on its way, book 7 is in edits and I’m writing book 8. I’m now at the point where, when relatives ask how many books I’ve done, I have to count on my fingers because I’ve forgotten the number. It’s a good thing and I wake up every day with a smile of gratitude on my face.

Of course, life involves more than my writing career. Others have blogged about this topic, and today it really hit home for me. I have a lot of shit going on!

So I’m continuing with my training period on the new librarian job. It’s a lot of work, a lot of homework. I try to tell myself to relax, that there’s no way I can absorb everything at once. It’s a¬†process. And then there’s¬†my other library job which fills in about another 18 hours per week.

Oh, and kids. Can’t forget them. And hubby. Must make time to talk to him at night and¬†find out about his day as well. Arrange to see friends, which doesn’t happen nearly enough. Call my mom. See what mischief she is getting up to. Feed the three cats- yes, we currently have three because the in-laws have absconded to Europe for two weeks, and delivered their two cats to us. My house is an insane cesspool of kitty hissing and hairballs right now.

As someone who believes multitasking is evil (and it seriously is) I find I’m doing a lot of it lately. While I’m writing, I’m sending out little promotional posts as well. While I’m dealing with the kids’ school stuff, I’m trying to make sure the house appears clean. (You’ll notice I said “appears.” Doesn’t mean it is.) I’m the keeper of the schedule for 4 folks in my house, but often forget where I’m supposed to be. There are the two blogs, numerous promotional ventures to research. And by the end of the day, I haven’t done it all.

This is all good, right?

Don’t get me wrong. There are amazing folks out there whose lives are even more hectic. Kudos to you. I think if I threw in one more element, I would implode.

Life is busy and it’s easy to feel as if you’re drowning sometimes. But then, every so often, a reader will email me and tell me one of my books touched them in some way. That it made them smile. Or my sons will give me a hug out of the blue and tell me they love me. Just last week, hubby emailed me from work and said, “I am so proud of you for doing everything you do.” The librarian¬†had to hide her tears that day!

Those are the moments that make everything worthwhile. So do I continue to squeeze it all in, wringing every last minute of productivity out of my aging bones?

You betcha!



4 thoughts on “Squeeze it all in!

  1. It’s incredible how busy we are and how little time is available to simply be. Sometimes I think we’d be better off without the technology that makes everything so ‘immediate’. Looking forward to your new work.


  2. I hear ya, sister, and relate to everything you said. There are days I just want to sit and vegetate– read a book without mentally critiquing it or tearing it apart (that’s work-related) and breathe. Can’t recall the last time I did that — life is hectic, but it is better than the alternative.

    BTW I am proud of you, too.


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