too tired to think

Last week, as you’ve heard from the others, was RT. I was there…..dragging myself through a train ride, two planes and a mini bus, so I could experience it for the first time and I have to say… was it worth it. But you have no idea how tired I am now. Not only from the jet lag but from RT itself. It’s great fun but it seriously takes it out of you!

I had a great time with all the ladies, Becca, Vanessa, Moni, Lynn and Jianne, although there was translation needed ’cause really, we all speak english but man do we use words differently.

Ok so the first night we are there, Vanessa thanked Becca for lending her a belt to hold her pants up……took me a couple of seconds to realise she was talking jeans and underwear!!  But the relief of knowing that was what she meant was amazing… have no idea. heh.

As you all know I’m a Londoner, born and bred. As such there is a certain level of….distance from others that one learns from an early age. A firm yet friendly handshake is all that’s needed………yeah that doesn’t fly when you get a group of writers together……I have officially never been hugged so much by those not in my family, in my life…..ever….seriously.

You saw the image that Vanessa put up on Wednesday…. (here) yeah…that is real fear on my face. Americans are so friendly….and that just freaks me out.

Hahha although it has to be said by the end of the week I was taking a few tentative steps towards talking to strangers unprovoked too….but it’ll take me a few years.

I am hoping to go to RT 14 in New Orleans, so hopefully I’ll see you there!

Don’t forget the short story collection, Under a Moonlit Night, that has me, Lynn and Vanessa in is out on Monday!! You can pre order now here.

Until next time: remember……random hug-bys…..not required…..yeah I’m looking at you ladies, you know who you are! hahahahahaha

5 thoughts on “too tired to think

  1. For a for hugger-phobic type, you did really well. 🙂 We’ll make a hugger out of you yet.

    Loved meeting you. Hope to see you next year. Now, in New Orleans, they really hug. Just wait. And English is a common language, but Louisiana and New Orleans have a dialect all their own since the Spanish and the French had it before it became officially part of the U.S. I even need an interpreter in the Big Easy (that’s New Orleans for you non-US types).


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