RT Fun!

I’m slowly recuperating from the week of great fun at RT. I’m pretty sure I brought a bug home with me because I’ve been sick for a week! But, besides that, the week itself was great! Love seeing old friends and making new ones. So exciting meeting people from Love, Lust, and Laptops that I’d never met before. *waves to Cherie Nicholls, Monette Michaels and Jianne Carlo*. Lynn Lorenz I’d met last year. And Vanessa North I see several times a week. She’s my running buddy!

So, I’ll post a few pics here of us being…well…crazy!

The first picture is us at tphoto-8he formal night. Me, Annmarie McKenna, Vanessa North, and Cherie Nicholls.





photo-2 (2)


The second picture is us meeting Cherie for the first time when we arrived. The Londoner was not a hugger, but by the end of the week, we had her reluctantly accepting our squeezes! Vanessa North, Monette Michaels, Cherie Nicholls, and me!




The third picture is crazy! Me, photo-9Annmarie McKenna, and Vanessa North at the paranormal party! Fun nights!

Next year, New Orleans! Join us. It’s going to be a blast. We are already looking forward to it. 😉 Becca Jameson


4 thoughts on “RT Fun!

  1. Lovely meeting you, too, Becca. 🙂 And the pics are super. I’m guessing the paranormal zombie thing went over well. Hugs on the “bug.” Sorry you got sick. Conventions usually get me too, but I guess this year I dodged that bullet. Get well.


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