Just the stats…

If there was any question about how much I love the “f” word – let this settle it.

Spring Training is complete (YAY)! In doing the final read through, my editor and I thought it would be fun to see just how many times I used the word fuck in the manuscript. Of course, that progressed to shit and all the variations of damn…which progressed to, well, you get the idea. A bottle of wine later, I had the stats.

So how many times did I use curse or dirty words in Spring Training? Here’s what we came up with:

Fuck – 126

Damn (in all it’s variations) – 68

Shit – 53

Hell – 34

Cock – 31

Pussy – 31 (coincidence that it matches cock?)

Dick – 17

Fuck is the clear winner…by a landslide I’d say. And do you want to know what my friend and fellow author, Mandy Harbin, said when I told her the stats? “You need more dick.”

Words to live by.

Until next time…here’s more of Garrett from Spring Training – Coming May 20th!

Spring Training Front Full Size

Exclusive Excerpt #2:


You’re such a dumbass.

What the hell was he thinking? If there was one thing every baseball player knew, it was that you didn’t fuck with the owner’s daughter. Ever.

And there he was … talking goddamned condoms and telling her she’d made him hungry.

Jesus Christ.

Garrett scrubbed his hand down his face. He’d heard about the beautiful Jessa Montgomery. From what he’d seen just now, she’d earned every ounce of praise. She was a total knockout. Her hair was a gorgeous shade of blonde and copper, long enough to drape over her breasts. Breasts that weren’t overly large, but perfect to fill his hands.

And her eyes. Garrett bit back a moan. Her eyes were mesmerizing. Not quite blue, not quite green.

But when she started rattling off stats with that voice as smooth as honey, sweet mercy, he’d gone rock hard. Which was damned uncomfortable when his junk was crammed into a protective cup.

Not even his mother could rattle off stats like that and know what they meant. The fact that Jessa understood the game he loved? Fucking. Sexy.

Garrett reached down to adjust himself, hoping to get some relief from the pinch currently nagging his balls.

Two weeks. He’d better chill the fuck out if he was going to survive two weeks with Jessa. Garrett respected the hell out of TJ Montgomery. It was rare for TJ to take a personal interest to the extent he had with him. He still hadn’t figured that one out, but Garrett liked the man. And he needed this job. He had his mom and Leah to worry about. And now little Georgia Grace.

His dad had died years ago, and now that his brother-in-law was gone, Garrett was all they had. The family farm in Mississippi had been his parents’ dream, and Garrett worked hard to make sure it would continue to provide for them. But there was only so much he could do by himself.

Baseball was his ticket to securing a future for his family. He couldn’t afford to screw that up. He had no business thinking about strawberries and wondering if Jessa’s nipples would taste the same as she smelled.


Garrett made his way onto the field. He didn’t know what she was getting all bent out of shape about anyway. Even being a few hours later than he’d scheduled, he was still two days early for team practice. If anything, he should be offended about the crack she’d made about him wearing protection. As if he was some kind of man whore.

Ah, if only he’d had that kind of time to waste.

He scanned the growing crowd. He smiled and waved to the fans calling his name. He took in the excitement like the ground soaked up the sun, giving himself a moment to revel in the fact that he was here. All the years of hard work and sacrifice had finally paid off.

“Hey, Donovan!” Garrett turned to see the batting coach signaling him over. “You planning to stand around all day, or you gonna show these folks whatcha got?”

He caught sight of Jessa, already sitting in the first row with her bare feet propped up on the rail. He couldn’t resist stretching his neck to check out her long, lean legs. He cursed as she eased out of the short-sleeved button down, leaving her in a tight top with tiny straps. He wondered how easily those straps would snap if he wrapped his hands around them and tugged.

As if she sensed him watching, her gaze locked on him. Her smile was almost apologetic. Then she laughed and waved her clipboard — her demand for him to get busy.


Garrett grabbed his bat and sighed. It was going to be a very long two weeks.

7 thoughts on “Just the stats…

  1. Oooh, now you made me want to do the stats on my SSI books. Those former military types use the “f”-word a lot. Can’t wait for this book — yeah, I read it, but I want to read it again. 🙂


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