Robin’s Other Half

Last time, I gushed over my favorite actor from childhood. This time around, I’m dedicating my post to William, my ultimate leading man in real life…otherwise known as my hubby. He actually agreed to be interviewed, if ya can believe it! Pull a chair and prepare to be amazed as we get a man’s POV on the world of romance writing.

::Emilia clears throat:: Um, Robin? Hello? Mr. Robin? Anyone? Anyone?

 Okay, so, you know how sometimes life just gets in the way of life?

Poor Robin. She’s having one of those days…weeks, maybe. She started this post and then life wrestled her to the ground and she didn’t get a chance to finish. I know we are all super excited to see what Mr. Robin has to say about living with one of our favorite ladies, but it will just have to wait until next time.

Unfortunately, life and schedules have a way of getting jumbled up for all of us. So until Robin’s next blog date, we are all going to have to wait with bated breath, wondering what it’s like to live with that smexy writin’ Miss Danner.

If it’s anything like my house, the reality is a bit of a let down.  Not that Mr. Mancini doesn’t benefit from some of those scenes I have to work out…or some of the frustrations either…because he definitely does. You don’t sit around writing sex all day without feeling a little inspired.

However, by the time I fix dinner, get the kids’ homework done, run them around to all their events, deal with dogs, cats, and everything else, sometimes crawling into bed just means sleep. Yeah, not as sexy as it should be.

But it’s better than those days when I’m writing a high tension fight scene or, oh my, something terribly sad. Writers feel what their characters feel, so finding me bawling my eyes out or slamming the keys on the computer isn’t uncommon.

Once, he came home to find me slamming pots around the kitchen. Why, he dared to ask. Because the heroine in my book finally decided to tell off her jerk of a boss and he fired her. That’s why. What a son of a bitch!

Yeah. That happened.

Mr. Mancini has learned that sometimes it’s best to just turn around and walk away. Perhaps I should stick to writing sex, huh?

I’m interested to know if I’m the only one who has total mood transformations based on what my characters are doing. I can’t be the only one, right? Because I know this doesn’t make me crazy…it makes me dedicated.


3 thoughts on “Robin’s Other Half

  1. You are so not the only one. My last heroine couldn’t speak (a spell by an evil witch) and the dh asked me if I was annoyed at him because I didn’t chat up a storm like I normally do.


  2. Em, I so do.
    My son and hubby have been recipients of stomping, swear words, and depression when my characters aren’t doing what they ought — or more likely I have to ax something in my WIP that I love to make the book tighter. Or my latest author crisis — my laptop dying on vacation while I was in the middle of a chapter revision and I hadn’t backed up on my thumb drive for fours hours and then couldn’t get to the precious pearls I had written.

    Thank God, my son is an almost graduate in computer stuff and he retrieved my file from my now-completely dead laptop. I mean it’s dead. RIP type dead.

    So, yeah, life with a romance novelist can be tempestuous. And now I can’t wait to hear about Robin’s other half.


    • (hanging head) So sorry, gals, for the small hiatus! Yes, life did get in the way, but I promise Mr. Danner will make his appearance this Friday. So stay tuned! And major hugs, Em, for helping a poor beleaguered author and mother out!


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