Guest Blogger Sofia Grey!

I am very pleased to welcome fellow Liquid Silver author Sofia Grey today! And she has kindly consented to let me torture her…ahem…answer some polite questions.  Yes, just questions. Settle in Sofia, and tell us more about your delicious wolfies!


Thank you for the invitation. I’m so excited to finally take a seat on the fabled purple couch. Michael Monaghan has parked his tight butt here. Jaci Burton. Jennifer Hassani. Georgia Woods. This is seriously the highlight of my day

1)    Why romance, and why paranormal specifically? 

I’ve been reading romance since picking up a battered Mills & Boon on a second hand book stall. Prior to that it was mostly Stephen King and contemp stuff, but then I discovered Jackie Collins and had a scuffed and much read copy of Hollywood Wives until it eventually fell apart. Paranormal is a new shift for me (no pun intended), when someone insisted I read Twilight. Suddenly vamps and shifters became hot and I was hooked.

Writing romance just feels right to me. I love reaching that happy ending and all the steps along the way. The little touches, eyes meeting across a room, tentative smiles and the awkwardness of the first date. I’ve always been fascinated by ghosts and dreams, and I like introducing a hint of otherworld-ness into a story. The house I grew up in was haunted and my mum had psychic dreams, so writing paranormal is a logical step.

2)    What drew you to shifters? 

Nalini Singh’s Psy/Changeling series turned me onto shifters in a big way. The first idea for my Snowdonia Wolves series came out of nowhere. A what-if moment. What if that giant dog was actually a wolf?

3)    Who do you enjoy reading? 

For shifters, angels & vamps it would be Nalini Singh, JR Ward, DB Reynolds. For contemp, my auto-buys would be Lisa Kleypas, Olivia Cunning (the hottest rock stars ever!), Suzanne Brockmann. I’m a total cover slut though, and will buy shamelessly if the cover calls out to me

4)    So tell us a little about your sexy new hero. Is he a boob man or an ass man? Or does he have a different part he, ahem, enjoys?

Jake Bledri is the Alpha of the Snowdonia Wolf pack and as Alpha, he needs a strong woman. Lillian Hart has the personality and the strength of character that he needs, along with a very sassy attitude. He also loves her curves and her initial strip-tease nearly drives him insane.

He first meets her when he’s in wolf form and as there’s no way she’d fall in love with a giant dog, he romances her by sneaking into her dreams – a skill my wolves can use. The difficulty will be convincing her the man really exists.

5)    Tell us about your heroine. What is the inspiration for her?

Lillian is a super-hot singer with a sexy image and I enjoyed finding and exposing her vulnerabilities. Rock stars in hiding… meeting someone who doesn’t recognise them and allows them to be themselves? I will never get tired of that trope J

Fantasy and reality merge for Lillian when she falls in love with a man she only meets in her sleep, but who has the same blue eyes as her tame wolf. Her last lover tore her heart out with his lies and she now finds it difficult to trust any man. How will she react when Jake tells her the truth?

6)    You are active on Goodreads, Sofia. What do you think the value is of social media to an author? How has it helped you? 

I joined Goodreads as a reader, wanting somewhere else to review books (I was already an active reviewer on Amazon), and I found it addictive! It rapidly became one of my favourite timewasters J For an author, I believe GR is a platform that should not be underestimated. Where else can you reach out to your fans, attract new readers and socialise all at the same time? I co-moderate a group that encourages new and indie PNR writers: <

We only started a year ago and already we have over 1000 members – that’s a thousand people who actively read paranormal romance. If only twenty of them tell their friends about a great story they just read, and they tell their friends… Every bit of marketing helps J

7)    What is your least favorite part of the writing process? Your favorite? 

My least favourite is rewrites. I have an amazing beta-reader who cuts straight to the issues with my manuscripts and offers great solutions too…but by that time I’ve already moved on to something new. I’m such a Gemini. I get an idea and immediately want to write it, never mind that I have a half-finished draft waiting for me, or six completed ms that need re-writes. New and shiny beats reworking an old ms every time J

Quick answers:

Firemen or cops?

Mmmm…. Firemen… stripping in the fire engine as they race to a job… hot n sweaty… Sorry, was there another question…?

The Beatles or The Monkees?

Well… my hubby will hate me for this, but neither. Rock music all the way for me. Can I have the Foo Fighters instead please? Dave Grohl will do nicely J Dave Grohl stripping in a fire engine would be even better…

Comfy T-shirt or lingerie?

I write romance. Black lacy lingerie is mandatory * grin *

Tall, dark and dangerous or tall, blond and devastating?

Dark every time. Blonds may have more fun, but dark is more dirty * grin *

Viking or Highlander?

Highland all the way! I spent my honeymoon sampling malt whiskies in Scotland and have a total weakness for that accent.

Coffee or tea?

Tea first thing in the morning, then coffee. Lots and LOTS of coffee J

* Extract from Wolf At The Door

Jake had slipped into Lillian’s dream as easily as a pair of well-worn jeans. She fit him perfectly and he took his time, drinking his fill of her beauty. She was magnificent. Jake had never seen another woman, human or wolf, to even come close. It wasn’t just her perfect skin that begged to be stroked; her hair heated his blood to fever pitch. Fiery red, the color of flames at the heart of a fire; he longed to run his palms across it to see it if burned as bright as he imagined.

His wolf growled at the thought of other men dancing with her, touching her, and he had the idea that this was her natural habitat, every bit as much as the woods and mountains were his. A momentary doubt assailed him. Were they too different? He studied her expression, the barely concealed outrage that softened to amusement. She stood before him, hands on hips, head cocked to one side.

“I’ve seen you before, haven’t I? Your eyes are familiar.” He strained to hear her words above the music.

He had to touch her. Reaching out, he placed a finger under her chin and tilted her head to meet his eyes. She didn’t resist. “Dance with me.” He had the ability to join her sleeping world but not to control it. If he could, he would already have her panting and naked, lust glazing her expression as he ravished her body.

She seemed to fight an inner battle at his words and then shrugged with one shoulder, lazy and careless. “Sure. One dance.” She jerked her chin free and took a step back. “But only because I like this track. Okay?”

Jake recognized the song although he couldn’t give it a name. A sensuous bass beat with haunting female vocals, the lyrics murmured about promises freely given. He noticed her lips moving as she sang along. Striding forward, he took her in his arms and guided her to the center of the dance floor, right under the spotlight. Her hair glowed a fiery shade, the ends sparking where they caught the strobe.

Her smile threatened to undo him, especially when she wrapped herself around him, one hand stroking the fine hair at the back of his neck. “You remind me of the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood. Are you going to eat me all up?”


Wolf At The Door is available 13 May from Liquid Silver Books at

Love can heal all wounds…

Pop star Lillian Hart is determined never to trust another man. She has no idea that the wolf at her door is anything other than a wounded dog, much less the Alpha of the Snowdonia Wolf pack. There’s something about the wild creature that pulls at her. Then a man with her wolf’s eyes starts to invade her dreams, and reality and fantasy merge in a way that has her hoping, against all odds, for dreams to come true.

Lillian may have sworn off men, but Jake’s not just any man, he’s a shifter, and he’s about to shift Lillian’s world to make room for him. He vows to claim her as his Mate, and when Jake makes a vow, he keeps it. But Lillian wants to take it slow and Jake is not about to waste any time.

In this battle of wills, both discover giving in and trusting their hearts can heal even the deepest of hurts.


Thanks so much for playing with us, Sofia, and best of luck on your hot release!

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