Family Vacation

220px-Vacation1983No, it’s not the National Lampoon movie with Chevy Chase and his movie family. Instead it was my family’s early summer/late spring vacation.  The first we had taken together in years!

On May 10th, my hubby, my son, and myself loaded up the family SUV (a Lexus Hybrid) instead of the Wagon Queen Family Truckster and programmed the GPS (which I caught out on several mistakes along the way), and headed for Disney World, not Walley World.

We didn’t have to deal with Aunt Edna and her little dog or Cousin Eddie, nor did we see Christie Brinkley in a red Ferrari along the way.

All in all it was a fairly staid and boring two-day drive.

Well, that is, if you discounted the rain, slippery roads, road construction (Louisville Ohio River bridge backup on a Saturday was 45 minutes), traffic accidents, and distracted drivers.

Clark Griswold only had to deal with his own inability to stay focused (and his crappy truckster), not everyone else on the road’s issues. I can’t tell you how many cars we passed where the driver was either texting, talking on a phone, or just not paying attention to what in the heck they were doing. And do people not understand that when it is raining (well, pouring is more like it) that they need to turn on their frigging headlights so they can be seen through the heavy spray coming off the road? In most of the states we passed through it was even the LAW to turn on headlights during rainstorms.

Obviously, we made it there and back, or I wouldn’t be ranting, uh, er, writing this blog.

Now, how was Walley World, er, Disney World?

It was nice. We stayed at the Beach Club Resort Villas, so we had what I would call an apartment. My hubby’s sister had flown in from Minneapolis (after the snowy, cold winter she’d had up there she was more than ready for Florida). and the Beach Club Resort Villas’ apartment was the perfect layout for four adults. We could walk to Epcot and the Boardwalk, and the Beach Club had three main areas and lots of nice places at which to eat.

My hubby, son, and sister-in-law did Disney while I spent time in the nice quiet apartment and worked on my book. Just what I needed — quiet time away from home where the world intrudes all too often on my writing time.

Evenings we dined out at some really nice restaurants including former Iron Chef Cat Cora’s restaurant, Cuzzina. Yum.

In fact, the food was the best part of the trip, and I would do Disney again just to eat at the restaurants we ate at. Oh and we did do a Disney character breakfast and I got to hug Goofy. Minnie sort of blew us off.

So all in all, the family vacation was a success. But next time, no matter how scared I am of flying, we’ll take a plane. The highways are far too dangerous, and that is even without Clark Griswold falling asleep at the wheel of the family truckster.

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7 thoughts on “Family Vacation

  1. Monette I am glad to hear you survived your car trip – it can be pretty scary out there. I also agree that a total foodie vacation would be in order for Disney as I have heard they have fantastic food. Sure glad Goofy stuck around for hugs – obviously Minnie didn’t know what she was missing. Silly mouse.


  2. Hey, Heather — thanks for the comment and yes, Minnie didn’t know what she was missing. I give good hugs. I actually had drawn Minnie and Mickey on the paper tablecloth with the crayons provided. Goofy pointed at the pics I had drawn and and then at himself and I told him I wasn’t too good of an artist. He gave me a hug and then picked up the crayon and drew a perfect image of his head — very good image btw – I figure he has done that before. Then he hugged me again. It was kind of sexy. 😉 I figure I was too old for him so it was fun while it lasted.


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  4. The food at Disney is one of my favorite parts of vacation. I go every fall for the food and wine festival at EPCOT. Sorry the road trip portion was a little stressful, but it sounds like the rest of you trip was nice.


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