Out on a limb…

I would have titled this “Out of my comfort zone” but alas, that’s coincidentally the title Lynn Lorenz used for yesterday’s post! What are the chances?

So, I had a general release this week with Total E-Bound: Three’s a Cruise. I went “out on a limb” way “outside of my comfort zone” to write this one! It’s my first m/m/f. It’s not my last m/m/f, however. Nope. I ran with it after this one. The trial run was successful, so I wrote a full-length BDSM m/m/f that comes out next spring with Samhain Publishing. I’m starting work on book two and three in that series now.

What was just a few months ago “outside my comfort zone” and “out on a limb” is now my new normal. 🙂

Here’s a blurb:

When a dream vacation gets an unexpected bonus anything is possible…

Haley and Jordan are about to embark on their dream vacation, a cruise out of Miami, Florida. Arriving a night early, they head for a local bar where they meet the sexy Nathan and engage in an unexpected threesome.

Nathan has also arrived in Miami tonight by coincidence. He has to work tomorrow, but tonight he intends to let his luck at finding the two lovers drag him away from responsibilities.

After Nathan flees in the night, Haley and Jordan have no hope of ever seeing him again. But fate has a way…

threesacruise_800Three’s a Cruise is now available at Amazon, ARe, Barnes & Noble, and Total E-Bound.

5 thoughts on “Out on a limb…

  1. Loved Three’s a Cruise! What a fun scenario and very hot. I am excited for your new series too! BDSM and m/m/f?!?!? Yes please!


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