Meet Robin’s Other Half: Take Two

A couple weeks ago, I’d intended to have my husband join us on the purple couch for his very first interview.  As it always seems to do, life happened and we got sidetracked. But now we’re back on track and finally got our sit-down together. Today I’m happy to share my husband with all of you. First off, I’d like to thank Mr. Danner…let’s call him William, shall we…for joining us today.

Ahem, William. (cough cough) Will you please turn off the television?

Without any further ado, here goes An Interview with a Romance Writer’s Husband.


Robin: First, tell us a bit about yourself. How did you meet Robin?  Was it “love at first sight”?

William: Uh…uh…

Robin: Come on!

William: I’m trying! Okay, I’m twenty-eight years old. I love to play video games. I’m a cabinet maker by trade. I’ve never “met” Robin.

Robin: rolling eyes

William: If you mean Christy, then the first time we met she was actually trying to hook me up with her friend. So I would say no to the love at first sight. It was like a month or so after before we started talking.

Robin: Ahem, four months.

Robin: As the husband to a smexy romance writer, do you ever experience jealousy of the fictional characters/scenes that your wife writes?

William: No, never. Thought doesn’t even cross my mind.

Robin: You played a major role in the brainstorming of Robin’s Princes series.  Was it exciting to help her brainstorm? Is it something you would do again?

William: Yes.

Robin: That’s it?

William: Well, it’s a yes or no question, correct?

Robin: In your own words, what do you think of Robin/Christy’s works?

William: I think it’s very cool, interesting, and incredible according to my standards of thought.

Robin: Some authors’ husbands like to keep their wife’s erotic romance on the DL. You’re not one of those apparently. Have you ever been teased for having a wife that writes vivid, detailed sex scenes?

William: No, not even close. My friends actually think it’s cool.

Robin: Getting a bit personal…have you ever acted out one of Robin/Christy’s sex scenes? Would you like to? ; )

William: I don’t know if I have because I’ve never read any of her books. She won’t let me! But I would do it if she would.

Robin: Rumor has it that you plan to accompany Robin/Christy to RT next year. Are you planning on being a “behind the scenes” guy, or are you going to participate in the activities?

William: I’m gonna tell you up front, behind the scenes.

Robin: And just because your wife asks this in every interview, boxers or briefs?

William: Both…boxer briefs. I’m “bi”. I go both ways.

Robin: Dear Lord. You do realize I’m quoting you, right?

Robin: Three boys. Ever want to try for a baby girl Danner?

William: When? I can’t have anymore.

Robin: Ten books in ten months. That must’ve taken a lot of your wife’s spare time. What do you do to help her relax after a long day of writing?

William: Not a damn thing. (maniacal laughter)

Robin: Thanks for agreeing to do this for me, babe. I wub you!

Until next time!


7 thoughts on “Meet Robin’s Other Half: Take Two

  1. That is awesome! William sounds great. And you can let him know my hubby may be coming to RT next year with me too, so another poor man will be there! LOL
    William sounds like a real Alpha… 😉


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