The Vikings Created the Modern World

VengeanceHammer_ByJianneCarlo-200x300The Vikings created the modern world.

Whoa! You say. How’s that possible? Let me explain the reasoning behind that bald, sweeping statement.

Can we all agree that if there hadn’t been a William the Conqueror there wouldn’t be a Great Britain?

I’m imagining consensus on that point. I swear I can see everyone shaking their heads.

How did William come about?

First there was King Alfred the Great (the only English monarch to claim that moniker). In 886 Alfred unites the country against the decades of Viking raids that threatened to tear the island of England apart. That’s not to say that the Vikings vanish. They don’t. In fact they continue to raid England and capture regions and towns. But relative peace allows Alfred to build a network of towns and cities ruled by a common set of laws derived from Danelaw.

Dane law or the law of the Danes becomes the basis for English law. Danelaw was brought to England by…quick guess…you got it – the Vikings!

For a period nearly two centuries English monarchs defend their country from wave after wave of Viking invasions and manage to do little but keep the enemy at bay. In 1016 King Cnut, king of Denmark and Norway invades England and claims the land. Cnut is the first and only man to rule simultaneously the four countries of England, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden (parts of the last one anyway).

Cnut dies in 1035 and infighting between his heirs keeps the disparate kingdoms in disarray until in 1066, William of Normandy declares England was promised to him by Cnut’s last legitimate heir, Edward the Confessor. And we all know what happened next. William invades England and becomes king on December 25, 1066.

Can you tell I’m obsessed by the Vikings?

Oh yeah. Like there’s anything hunkier than a dominant Norse warrior. I turned my obsession with Vikings into a series of novellas entitled Viking Warriors. Aren’t the covers yummy?

Viking Banner wo jianneTurns out those five books only whetted my Viking appetite. I started a new paranormal series, Viking Vengeance, immediately after finishing the first one. My latest release, Vengeance Hammer, is the last of the Viking Vengeance trilogy.

Here’s a little teaser from Vengeance Hammer:

Dráddør’s patience was at an end. The moment Xára’d sat in his lap, his cock had been at the ready. He could no longer concentrate on any notion other than her lithe fingers stroking his pecker, those small hands cupping his balls.

Slipping the white material off one shoulder, he brushed his lips to the cusp of her shoulder, and her flesh smelled so wonderful he had to taste her there. He suckled and laved his way along the ridge, to the base of her throat, and noticed the faint scar again.

Dráddør grinned when she shrugged out of the gown, wriggling her tempting shoulders, and freeing her beautiful breasts.

He cupped the delicious mounds. “By Freya, you have the prettiest titties I have ever seen. Look how they pearl for me, these hard pink tips. They plead for my mouth.”

At first she stilled when he latched onto one nipple, but then she tangled her fingers in his hair and pressed him closer to her. She tried to lift one leg and they both became knotted in her night rail and the covers.

“Loki, desist,” Dráddør growled. He tore at the linen and tossed the sheets to one side. Then grasped the hem of her dress and ordered, “Lift off the mattress, sváss. I am starving for you.”

He heard a strangled noise and jerked to stare at her.

She was laughing, eyes sparkling, and when their glances met, she pointed to his cock and cupped a hand over her open mouth.

Dráddør couldn’t choke back a guffaw. For a bed cushion had split and oozed its innards. Fat clumps of straw and downy feathers were stuck to the wet head of his cock. He grabbed a handful of the stuffing and set the soft material to her mound.

Her eyes nigh popped out of her head. She kicked the nightdress off her calves and feet and then knelt on the bed. When she bent to try and pluck a feather and straw from her puss, he blurted, “Nay. ’Tis my duty to tend to your puss.”

She peeked up at him, flashed him a saucy smile, and jutted her chin at his pecker.

“Aye. ’Tis your duty to tend to my cock.” He captured her hand, rolled over, and spread his legs. “I count three feathers sticking to my crown. ’Tis your wifely duty to remove them. No hands.”

Hope you enjoyed!

Guess what? I started another Viking series, Jomsviking Blood Brothers. Big surprise, huh? Sigh. Guess what else? I’m married to a man with Viking ancestors. Another big surprise, huh? Guess what else, else? I just added, visiting all ancient Viking sites to my bucket list. Okay, enough cheese for a Monday.



9 thoughts on “The Vikings Created the Modern World

  1. Jianne, this was great info! I will admit, I kept sneaking peaks at that hot cover while I was reading, but I promise I absorbed it…Danelaw…gosh, did you see the muscles on that back??? 😉


  2. Yum, Vikings. They all look pretty damn lusty to me. Oh, and loved the refresher on English history. Been a while since World History in 10th grade. 🙂 I wish you many lusty Viking sales, Jianne!


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