Sick as dog…

That’s right I have been ill and am still feeling the effects….. *shudder*

Because of that I’ve not had a chance to put together a really good blog post for you…sorry. But never fear I have a give away instead….

Here is how it’s going to work….

I will give you two riddles…. the first THREE people who solve them and leaves a comment with the right answers and their email address will be able to pick one book from my back catalogue. (here)

So you ready??

1) What cold food burns your mouth when you eat it?

2) What type of cheese is made backwards?

OK ready,…..steady….solve!

Sorry guys….I promise to be better next time! *sneeze cough*

18 thoughts on “Sick as dog…

  1. i give up, my brain cells are dead, lol. so i’m throwing out a wild guess here:
    1. chicken noodle soup
    2. edam

    i am so disgusted with myself over not knowing number 1 πŸ™‚ ugh, feel better πŸ™‚


  2. If you have to “make” cheese, how is it backwards…wouldn’t that just be the normal way i.e. frontwards? (scratching head) Random thought for a confused author.


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