You Write What? – Lynn Lorenz

I get that all the time. Not for my gay romances, but for my traditional het romances.

Yeah, I write those. Most of them are paranormal or fantasy and three of them are at Liquid Silver.
My first LSB book was Second Moon, a werewolf novella. I think it’s the first time I wrote one and fell in love with them. Well, not exactly my first time, because I had a secondary character in another book The Avalon Patrol, a het fantasy romance, who was a werewolf.
And it just set me on the road to writing more wolves…like the ones in the McCallan Legacy series, at LSB. The McCallan’s are a werewolf pack, only they’ve been decimated by life – the Vietnam war killed one brother, the alpha is killed in a car accident, leaving his wife, two sons and a daughter as the only members of a pack.
And the boys are young, like 19 and 15 when he dies, leaving the oldest Jake, as alpha. And as you can imagine, now that Jake’s all grown up, some of the choices he’s made when he was younger, like how he treated his younger brother, sort of come home to roost.
In McCallan’s Heart, I take a look at Tori, the daughter. In my werewolf world, the men are the only ones that shift, they carry the trait, dna, whatever. Tori’s fed up with her life, her bickering overbearing brothers, and she’s left home. She’s making a life for herself, without a pack, thank you very much, and she’s happy. Alone, but happy. Until she runs into Russ in the woods and then, all bets are off.
So that leaves only the younger brother, Trey, and their mom Carrie, matriarch of the pack. Unofficial alpha, cuz what mom says pretty much goes. So I wrote Carrie’s story in a novella called McCallan’s Secret, because if Carrie wants the man she’s in love with, she’ll have to come clean. It’s in a collection called Under a Moonlit Night, all stories about shifters.underamoonlitnight
Now the story left to tell is Trey’s story, and if you read McCallan’s Blood, you’ll know Trey is not a very good guy. But he’s got his reasons, and in the end, I hope you’ll cut him a little slack. After all, he’s had big brother Jake, Mr. Perfect, as Trey calls him, to live up to. Pretty big shoes.

Will there be more werewolves for my het romance readers? Of course! I’m working on a sequel to Avalon Patrol, with more on Rolf, my secondary character shifter. And I have yet to write Trey’s story.

I really love writing shifters. So who knows, I’ll probably have a few more coming up. Until then, I hope you’ll give my traditional romance a try.
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Lynn Lorenz

5 thoughts on “You Write What? – Lynn Lorenz

  1. I loved Jake, as you know Lynn, and I really loved Trey too. I’d love for him to get a book! And I’d be happy to, er, “cut him some slack.” (Is that what the kids are calling it now?) LOL Congrats on some great books!


  2. I loved the McCallan’s series, but than I love wolves — in books I love wolves. I’d be scared shitless if I had to deal with real wolves. Keep on writing wolfie books, Lynn, and I’ll read them. 🙂


  3. I have got to get in on this wolf train…uh, wait, that didn’t sound right….I need to start writing wolf books! That’s what I meant…yup, that’t it

    Love that you are so flexible, Lynn. Uh, wait…nevermind. I’m going home.


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