Okay, okay, all right already…

Hey, I used two difficult words in the title! All right and already. And yes, I used them correctly. I mean I keep a little cheat sheet (or perhaps one would call it a long huge cheat sheet) taped to my monitor. But that’s not what you wanted to know, right?

Yes, okay, I hear everyone shouting at me. WHAT? No more Wolf Masters? Are you sure? But, are you positive? I mean can’t you come up with some more long lost brothers or something? WE DON’T WANT IT TO END!

So, okay then. Fine. I’ve got a plan! Smile. Stop moping. I shall find a way to add to the series. I mean after all, why can’t this Masters family have cousins in Oregon or something? Who says they don’t? We all have a giant family of like five male cousins in Oregon, right? Okay, not so much. I have one cousin in Phoenix. But, she’s a woman…and she’s not a wolf shifter…that I know of… *waves at my cousin in Phoenix*

I digress… Especially since my cousin in Phoenix has no idea I’m a writer and she’s never heard of Becca Jameson!

So wolves. In threes. Two men and one woman. Some will be human. Some will be shifters. All will be m/f/m. Or maybe not… I might have to do a bit more planning, but I promise this is in my brain and tumbling around up there creatively. One day soon I will bolt awake and sit straight up in bed (probably at three a.m.) and dash to my office and add to the series.

The moping can end. There will be more Wolf Masters!

🙂 Becca Jameson

4 thoughts on “Okay, okay, all right already…

  1. Dang right you can have five male cousins in Oregon (doesn’t everybody?) — this is fiction after all and you can do whatever it needs to keep the wolfie menages coming. Now, hurry up — * tap, tap, tap * — time’s a-wasting.


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