Top Five Favorite Ways to Kiss by Parker’s Heroes

Photo of sensual kissing couple

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Mmm, kissing. I’m not gonna lie, it’s one of my favorite romantic pleasures. It’s an act full of emotion, whether done romantically or not. I mean, come on. Are you going to place your lips on someone you don’t like? (not me!) Whether it’s passion, friendship or love for your children and family, a kiss generally means something.

Once I really thought about it, I realized how many different ways there are to kiss. There’s the forehead kiss, the Eskimo kiss, the French kiss, the butterfly kiss, the earlobe kiss, the cheek peck, the jaw nibble, and I could go on and on.

Another thing I realized this week, is that my heroes love to kiss too. I asked them – sexy alpha males to author – to give me their favorite ways to kiss. And because I love you all, I decided to share their answers. In honor of the impending completion of his book (sooo close), I’ve invited Caleb Martin to weigh in as well. Y’all remember Caleb, right? And since there are only four of them and I always do the top five, I will give my opinion at the end – which by then, no one will care about. 🙂

So, here they are. The “Top Five Favorite Ways to Kiss” by Parker’s Heroes. Which, by the way, is now what I’ll always call them.

Joe Sterling: *Laughs and elbows Caleb in the ribs* Get it? Like Hogan’s Heroes, only with a heavy dose of bad ass.

Caleb Martin: You got that right. *clinks beer bottles with Joe*

Garrett Donovan: What the hell is a Hogan’s Hero? Sounds like a sandwich.

Parker: *sighs* Google it. Not right now, Garrett!

Devlin: It sounds like English, yet I have no clue what you people are talking about.

Parker: This may have been a bad idea, getting all of you in the same room together.

Caleb: I caught your game the other night, Garrett. You think you could save some of those home runs for the other guys?

Garrett: Hey man, go big or go home. It’s not my fault they pitch to my sweet spot.

Joe: The whole box is your sweet spot.

Devlin: *Laughs wickedly* Now that, I understand.

Parker: Of course you do. Are y’all done? Can we start? You’re supposed to tell me your favorite ways to kiss. You’ll have plenty of time for male bonding once we are through. Joe, let’s start with you.

Joe: I’m partial to the lingering kiss. I go in slow and easy, brushing my lips against hers. I can feel her breath as her lips part, ever so slightly, in invitation. I tease her lower lip with my tongue, draw it into my mouth for a taste. Then another. And another. I ease my tongue past her lips and … wait. Are we supposed to describe what we’re doing with our hands at this point?

Caleb: Please don’t.

Parker: You guys are gonna kill me, I can tell already. We’ll take pity on Caleb, since Joe is married to his sister, and move on. Okay Devlin, you’re next.

Joe: I don’t get to finish?

Caleb: No.

Joe: *grins and winks at me* I’d rather do it than talk about it anyway.

Parker: I’m sure you’ll get some volunteers. Now both of you, shush. It’s Devlin’s turn.

Devlin: I like a passionate kiss. Her back up against the wall, arms pinned over her head. I take her kiss without apology, pushing past her lips until her sweet flavor drenches my tongue. My body pressed against hers, I devour her mouth like I’ll devour the rest of her. *sits back and grins* One lick at a time.

Parker: Nice. You can practice that on me later. Garrett? Your turn.

Garrett: There’s nothing better than curling up on the couch on a lazy afternoon and making out like teenagers. Her lips are the reward, until we get naked that is, so I want to take my time getting there. There’s more to kissing than lips on lips. I love a woman’s jaw line. Teasing her soft flesh with the stubble on my cheeks, tracing my tongue along her ear to the sensitive spot behind. I kiss her eyelids, her cheeks, before finally, taking her lips – gently at first then harder as things heat up. Then … you never answered the hands question. Do you want to know what I’d do with my hands?

Parker: God, no. No hands. I don’t need anything else to add to the visual. I didn’t expect you guys to be so, um, descriptive. We’re running out of time. Caleb?

Caleb: Hmm, I’m not sure I have a favorite way to kiss. I can go real slow and leisurely-like, as if I have all the time in the world to enjoy the pleasures of her neck, her mouth, and later, the rest of her. Or I can claim her mouth hot and fast, my hand fisted in her hair … oops. No hands, right?

Parker: Annnnnnnnd, we’re done. There’s the top four favorite ways to kiss as told by Parker’s Heroes. I knew they’d try to make me crazy, so while they sit here and do their male bonding thing, I’m going to take a cold shower.

blowing kiss

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Until next time…go kiss someone you love!

12 thoughts on “Top Five Favorite Ways to Kiss by Parker’s Heroes

  1. Wow who knew such big alpha males had such sweet soft descriptive – hot damn & holy hell descriptive – seducers in there.

    If you ever decide to do a video series I offer my services – free of charge, of course, since I am volunteering.

    :-* laterz – warm book time


  2. Um, we need a blog about the hands — ’cause I wanna know what they’re doing with their hands while they are kissing. Just sayin’. Okay, now I really need Caleb’s book. *tap, tap, tap of my foot here*! Great blog — now where is Vin the Vibrator when I need it?


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