Men & Dancing

dancing modernWhy is it that men don’t like to dance? I came upon a recent poll that broke down the reasons as follows:

Because they suck at it                                       30.833%

Because they think they look silly                       45.00%

Because it makes them think of John Travolta      5.00%

They do like to dance                                           19.17%

This poll targeted North American men. I’d bet my left sock (can’t actually bet my left nut here as I don’t own the actual equipment) that if you took a poll of European, Latin, or West Indian men, the percentage of men who like to dance would at least double.

Still, even among Latin and West Indian Males, it appears that the frequency of dancing drops like a bomb after marriage. Why is that?

Before we were married, my dh and I would go out dancing at least once a week. By the time our fifth anniversary came around, dancing was relegated to New Year’s Eve and Carnival.

Ever since our 15th anniversary, my pat answer when asked what I wanted has been—ballroom dancing lessons for the both of us. That’ll probably be my answer, once again, this year on our 36th wedding anniversary. I should just give up—right?

But, the dh has watched a few episodes of Dancing With the Stars recently and we’ve even discussed the competitors. I reckon the day they sign an ex-NHL hockey player my odds on the dancing lessons will be almost even.

I polled my three sons and three nephews: one is a devoted dancer, one doesn’t mind it once in a while, but the rest are all committed non-dancers. Okay, so there goes generational differences. It’s definitely a male thing.

So, do your men like to dance?



13 thoughts on “Men & Dancing

  1. My man likes to dance even though he sucks at it AND looks silly doing it (as do I), but he can appreciate how much fun it is. I don’t know if it has so much to do with dancing as it does with confidence.


  2. What a great post, Jianne! My hubby always enjoyed hitting the clubs as a youngster in university…perhaps beer played a part. Now, we don’t dance, other than at weddings. However, my moves aren’t too slick, so I don’t mind. If he were a good dancer, I’d be embarrassed by my left feet. So, I guess we match each other!


  3. Our first date was a dance and it’s one of the few times we have ever gone dancing. Frankly he sucks at it. We’re talking full on White Man Overbite level of suck. Love him in spite of it, but man, oh man, do I miss dancing with a man who knows how to move and to lead!


  4. My man is like Paige’s — he likes to dance but he sucks at it.

    We did take ballroom dancing lessons, uh, dismal failure since he has no rhythm. He’s of Dutch-German heritage — says it all.

    Even though he’s a natural athlete, when dancing his hips don’t move right (well, in dancing they don’t move right –but that other thing is a whole nother story). Give him something to hit with a modified stick of any sort, and he’s there — golf, baseball, tennis, racquetball — oh and his arms — basketball and volleyball, Dancing, not so much. That’s okay, when we grew up in the 60s, dancing was sort of a solo sport anyway. 🙂


    • My husband’s Dutch also, Monette. I’ve tried everything, put your foot down when you hear the drum, all the stuff it says to do when you google no sense of rhythm.Sigh. Thankfully, that’s the only thing I’d change.


  5. I like to dance. My guy likes to dance–but he’s got the rhythm of three-legged stork. Who cares? We have a good time. Back in the day every little neighborhood club had live bands, except on Sunday and Monday nights. $2 cover charge. Those little clubs have gone by the wayside. So have juke boxes. I’ve danced to many a quarter in a juke box. Our local VFW club has live bands and dances every other Saturday. $35 a couple. BYOB. The place is packed. I once lived in a house backed up to a neighborhood park. A band set up every Friday night 8-midnight. No charge, but every three sets, they passed the hat. You spoke of Latin American men. Music is a big part of life. Kids start dancing same time they learn to walk. I lived in a tiny jungle village. We had a cantina–a roof, no walls, chickens roosted on the backs of chairs and no horses were allowed on the dance floor. Word spread like a flash flood through the mountain when a band was coming and by full dark, there would be 500-600 people. If you wanted to dance under the thatched roof, you paid a $1. Otherwise natives danced on the paths or dirt until the band collapsed around four or five in the morning. Dance used to be be a large part of our entertainment. Not so much any more.


      • Jianne, you’re funny. The only place I rock these days is in a chair! However–my family still has a home in the village and I have the keys . . . and the government built a road that goes right past the house . . . so don’t have to ford rivers, change horses on the other side . . . right this minute the mangos are ripe, the mandarinas and naranja trees are in bloom, the villagers are harvesting coffee beans and the village is gearing up for an agricultural fair with lots of music and fabulous native food. I miss it …


  6. I love dancing, and since I was a kid, I always danced from ballet to modern dance to ballroom dancing… but to find a partner is another story! And I live in France… men my generation aren’t real interested in ballroom dances. But since Dancing With The Star (French version) it’s changing a bit. Only thing here that appeals as much to the men as to the ladies is latino dances (salsa, bachata, merengue, …) but it’s more the sensuality of it for the guys, I think.


    • I love salsa and merengue, Valerie. I’ve no clue what bachata is, but I’m sure I’d love it. My dancing now is relegated to Zumba classes. I am addicted. It’s so much fun and always different. When I was in college, I had a good friend who was a heavenly dancer. The man was moonbeams on his feet. I swear you felt like you were floating on ocean waves. Sadly the dh disliked him on sight, but I still remember fondly swirling in his arms.


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