It’s all about the readers…

Whew – what a weekend! 

I’ve just gotten home from Colorado, where I spent the weekend at RomCon. Aside from the smoke (I stayed with family in Black Forest) and the long drive to the hotel every morning, I had the time of my life!

For those of you who haven’t heard of it, RomCon is a conference targeted toward readers of romance novels. And when I say it’s reader targeted, I’m not kidding. RomCon is a weekend of author-hosted events and parties – many of which included demonstrations (yes, Cherise Sinclair demonstrated the proper way to use a ruler) and/or half-naked cowboys (see below).

I’m a reader, so I had many “fan girl” moments of my own over the weekend. First when I met one of my favorite authors, Lorelei James, and then again when I realized I’d be sharing a book signing table with Lauren Dane. And yes, I came home with books signed by each of them…along with about ten others.

At breakfast the first day, it was announced that my first novel, One Night Stand, was named a finalist in the Readers’ Crown Awards for Erotic Romance. While it didn’t win, I am humbled and honored to be named alongside Cherise Sinclair, Fiona Archer, Mandy Harbin, Angel Payne, Lexi Blake and several others. Congratulations to Cherise for winning the category! 

RomCon is definitely something I’ll do again. If you enjoy playing games with inflatable man-parts, mimosa’s and half-naked cowboys – maybe I’ll see you there next year!

Here are a few of my favorite moments from RomCon 2013.


Lorelei James and Parker Kincade



Parker Kincade signing ad in RomCon Program (and yes, those are Lauren Dane’s hands next to me…) 🙂











Yeah…it’s a tough job…



For more pictures of the fun, go to

Until next time…

7 thoughts on “It’s all about the readers…

  1. Okay, Parker, you didn’t put up the photo of you and Cherise. It was so good, too. And that um, half-nekkid cowboy? Me want. *fanning self* I think I need to go to this con next year — blow up parts and Cheri demonstrating proper use of thuddy implements. I’m there. Now I just need the whole year to get over my fear of flying.

    Glad you had a good time — and One Night Stand is fabulous and I am waiting *tap tap tap* for Caleb’s story, girl. Don’t make me get out my ruler.


    • Lol! You can road trip with us Moni! We had so much fun. The BDSM 101 workshop was a big hit. As was the penis ring toss. I heard the girl carrying all those inflatable body parts got stopped as a random luggage check. Oops! 🙂

      I look like death in that pic with Cherise! Lol! She was great fun though. She said to tell you hi and to say that I think she’s awesome. It wouldn’t be a lie! 🙂


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