And so it began…the origin of an author

The other day on Goodreads, Rosanna Leo posed the question “What’s the first thing you ever wrote?” Pretty good topic actually. I shared my answer on Goodreads, but I’m about to go a one step farther. Today I’m actually going to share the very first thing I can remember writing.

Way back in 3rd grade, a young bespectacled girl (that would be moi) won 1st place in a state writing competition. So if you’re curious how Christy Gissendaner (aka Robin Danner) got her start in writing, here’s visible evidence. I’ve included a pic so ya’ll can admire the penmanship and “artwork” I added to my masterpiece.


And if you enjoy Giggle’s story, be sure to check out my the adult-versions of my paranormals. Who knew such a sweet little girl would grow up to write such hot romances! Yes, I’ve typed the story as-it-was. So forgive the errors, but not too shabby for a 3rd grader, huh?

Happy Friday!







Giggle by Christy Gissendaner (circa 8 yrs old)

Once upon a time there was a ghost called Giggle. She was very lonely. She lived 100 miles from the closest town. One day she packed up her games, snacks, candles, pumpkins, treats, and candies. When she got to her new home it was 300 years old. The house had cobwebs in every corner. She slept peacefully for two days. When she woke up, it was a week until Halloween. She was still lonely so she planted a variety of pumpkin seeds. She watered them and kept a light on them. While she was asleep a witch put a spell on the pumpkin seeds.  The pumpkins, which had grown bodies, threw paint on her and locked Giggle up in a room. With paint on her, she couldn’t get out. Two days passed and Halloween came. Four mischievoius kids came along. Their names were Bob, Jan, Jill, and Bill. Bill went up to the bushes and a carved out jack-o-lantern on them. Then Jill and Jan gave a shriek, turned around and ran. Bill and Bob wondered why they ran away. Then Bill shrieked and ran away. When he did Bob yelled at him and called him a chicken. When the turned around the pumpkins stood in the doorway and said “Hellooo Bob.” They grabbed him and put him with Giggle. They didn’t feed him so he soon turned into a ghost. Giggle and Bob got married and had three ghostlings. Nobody ever knew what happened to Bob except the pumpkins. People found out about them but was afraid to ask. So they will never know.

5 thoughts on “And so it began…the origin of an author

  1. Awesome story! I think I was about that age when I wrote my first masterpiece about California Raisins falling in love.


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