Those gorgeous Canadian men

Yesterday, July 1, was Canada Day. I’m Canadian which meant I spent the day at home with family, eating and drinking and having a lovely time in celebration of my country.

I always enjoy watching American TV and movies because there are so many funny references to what it means to be Canadian. They always make me giggle. Let me dispel some rumors right now. Our lifestyle is basically the same as an American lifestyle. However, are there any differences? Sure.  As a group we tend to approach many things differently. Politics and patriotism are handled differently here. Our humor tends to be a little wackier, I think, because of the huge British influence in Canada.

But what about the things that matter? Men, for instance?

Who are Canadian men? I’m sure an image is springing to mind for you. A rugged dude with a lumberjack shirt on, standing in the woods, holding his big, uh, axe. Well, these men might be more varied than you first think.

Canada has had a long history of immigration and has always been a welcoming place for folks from other countries. So that Canadian boy might not necessarily look like Joe Lumberjack. He might have a background that is Indian, Italian, Philippine, Eastern European, etc. A veritable melting pot of men. Delightful.

What does this dude do for a living? Well, sure, some of them are lumberjacks.  Head over to British Columbia and you’ll find sexy skiers, snowboarders and mountain men. In Calgary, you might spy a few cowboys. Wander over to my neck of the woods in Toronto and you’ll find so many gorgeous guys with Gideon Cross suits on, you won’t be able to shake a stick at them. If you ever want some fun, visit me and I’ll take you to downtown Toronto at rush hour. We’ll find a spot to sit and will watch the suits walk by…a favorite past time of mine! 😉 Head down east to the Maritime provinces, and you’re bound to find some laid-back men with lilting Newfoundland accents that sound like honey to your ears…oh dear, I am getting excited now.

Who are some delectable examples? Sidney Crosby. Ryan Reynolds. Ryan Gosling. Olympian Adam Van Koeverden (one my my faves and practically a neighbor!), Taylor Kitsch, Scott Speedman, Drake, Nathan Fillion, and no, no Bieber mentions here (shoot- I did it).

Ah, to finish this tribute, and mostly to make myself happy, I will end with a sexy pic of Adam Van Koeverden, one of our most decorated Olympians…and did I say he lives in my neighborhood? BECAUSE HE DOES!!!!

eye candy adam van koeverden 21 Afternoon eye candy: Adam Van Koeverden (15 photos)

HELLOOOOO CANADA!! Girls, got your passports ready?

16 thoughts on “Those gorgeous Canadian men

  1. Wow! I’m thinking I should be making a side trip to Canada when I visit the US next year!! Plenty of good reasons listed above!! lol 😉


  2. I am saddened to see you forgot my husky prairie boys with their farmer tans and muscles from working the farm all day! You haven’t seen a susnet till you have parked out in the quiet away from the lights and noise of the wolrd and seen the sky change to all the colors you ever imagined that slowly fade to black – but not dark because of the millions of stars you can actually see in the sky! Lying in the back of a pickup watching the night come alive with a prairie boy (or man) beside you is the perfect ending to a day.


    • Heather…you are correct and I am saddened too. I think the pic of Adam got me so verklempt that I was hurrying to get to him! Thanks for visiting and for your very sexy description of the prairie men!


  3. Happy Canada Day! I’m originally from Rochester, NY so Toronto was actually closer to us then NYC. Too bad the fast ferry was so short-lived.

    I actually know all the words to O Canada, thanks to hockey games.

    Columbus is great, but I miss being so close to such a cool city. I always laugh at how über polite TV makes Canadians out to be. Polite yes, unable to to tell you where to get off? No.

    I would love to see more of Canada, somehow we never get past Toronto.:-(


    • Thanks Karin! We are practically neighbours! 🙂 Yes, we miss that ferry too…what a great, short-lived idea.
      No, most Canadians will still be quite happy to tell a hoser where to get off, eh? LOL
      If you ever get back, you must let me know!


  4. Passport at hand. Lead me to Adam.. Yum. I actually adore Toronto having attended two Bloody Words and one Bouchercon there (my other Bloody Words was in the capita of Canada — Ottawa! — also a very nice place.) So, I can come by any time, Rosanna — we need to check our calendars. 🙂


  5. Oh. Yum. I had something really clever to add, but forgot it once I saw that picture. Now all I can think about is how much I’m salivating.


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