Those Nightmare Two P’s

Right now you are going….what the heck is the crazy english bird on about now?

So I’ll explain….the Two P’s really annoy me because writers don’t have an easy time of it, we don’t all live in large houses with a bank of staff to cater to our every need…we do however work really hard to produce stories we hope and pray you, the reader, enjoy…

The Two P’s have the ability to turn a quiet unassuming author, into a crazed serial nightmare….

P1 – Piracy……. where those who have no legal reason to do so, get copies of an authors book and sell it for financial gain and none of that gain goes to the authors. With the best will in the world…we don’t do this for free…we work hard, we give our hearts to writing the best possible book…..and someone steals it.

Because that’s what it is, stealing. Taking and selling something that isn’t yours….well where I’m from that would have the old bill knocking on your door before the night was done..

The “best” form of piracy I’ve seen is taken those short free reads we occasionally do, usually clearly marked on the cover as FREE and finding them for sale….yeah where is the sense in that really?

P2 – Plagiarism….. where those who think they can get away with it, steals another writers words and tries to pass them off as their own. Yeah, that’s not big or clever and people forget two important rules when they feel they can steal another’s work, 1) There are many writers but the writing community…that’s small and someone will know someone who will let you know if your words are being stolen and 2) writers write…be we also read *gasp* I know shocking right? What do we mean we aren’t stuck at our desks every minute of the day writing books…rude right! But we do, and most writers read a lot. So image the shock when reading a new book and realising it’s YOUR work….not nice.

The Two P’s hurt everyone, writers and readers alike. You want to get the best book you can and we want to give you that.

So please the next time you think of using a pirate site, or someone offers you a book that may not have come from a legitimate source, think again. Not only is it hurting the author but the quality of the book might not be what it should and that will only affect your reading experience.

And if you’re thinking of stealing words another author has sweated blood over and think you can do it without getting caught remember….don’t because we’ll know and we might be a small community but we are mighty.

I don’t often do “deep” and “serious” posts, but of late I’ve seen an increase in both P’s and I don’t like what I’m seeing, so if you’re reading this post and it clicks with you please let me know….I promise I don’t get serious too often…infact if you were at RT this year, you know I don’t do serious ever…but somethings need to be talked about to that they can be stopped. I’m just one voice of many.

So next time…I’m thinking FUN POST…. is there something you want to know about me or another member of the Love, Lust and Laptops….ask me and I’ll see what I can find out for you….I’m sneeky like that……What is Lynn working on? Does Becca have a new release coming out? What conferences with Monette be at? Does Jianne have a secret supply of Vikings she uses for “research”. You ask me and I’ll get you those answers……. just sshhh don’t tell the others it’ll just be between you and me….

Until next time…remember singing “Why are we waiting” when lying over the spanking bench…is just plain silly!

4 thoughts on “Those Nightmare Two P’s

  1. Great post! I’m honestly shocked at the recent new trend on plagiarism. I never thought that will do something so blatantly. It makes me wonder how many other people are plagiarizing but haven’t been caught yet.


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