Happy Fourth of July!

US_Flag_BacklitHappy 4th of July to my fellow U.S. citizens. For those of you who are not citizens of the USA, welcome to my blog.

Yes, I lucked out and got a holiday. 🙂 Should be easy to write a blog about the 4th of July, right? Well, no, not so much. Because Independence Day means different things to different people.

For history buffs, it is about the fight for independence from the British and the subsequent forming of our country. For some people, it is about a day off work. For others, it’s about barbeques, fried chicken, corn on the cob, and apple pie (with ice cream, please). The Fourth is a day on which many go to the ball park or maybe to a lake to go boating. For some, it is all about sparklers and fireworks.

For me, it’s a full day of writing since my hubby is playing a shot gun start round of golf and will be gone most of the day. See? Different things to different people. 🙂

But bottom line, this holiday is about the right to do–or think about–any, all, or none of the above things. After all, freedom is what the 4th of July is really all about.

How do you spend the 4th of July? One commenter will receive their choice of one free download from my Monette Michaels back list.

However you spend your 4th of July — enjoy. And please remember to think about the men and women in our Armed Forces on this special day in US history. They serve so we can continue to celebrate this holiday in the manner we choose.

Flag used under Wikicommons license.

5 thoughts on “Happy Fourth of July!

  1. I work in retail so I’ll be working for the fourth. Planning on bringing the makings for ice cream sundaes for everyone.


    • Oh, Laurie — you have to work? Hugs. I am sure the other employees will enjoy the sundaes. I remember working in a restaurant on July 4th when I was in college — we used to mess cutting up the cream pies so we could snack on them after our shift was over. 😉


    • Well, writing day just went bust. Hubby came home from golf and his glucometer isn’t working so I have to worry what his blood glucoses are all day. I may have to hit the drugstore to get him a new one until the special one that works with his inulin pump is shipped (yes, the help line for his diabetic equipment is manned on July 4th!). Never a dull moment living with a Type I diabetic.


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