A year in the life of a writer…

Last week–with no fanfare–I quietly celebrated the anniversary of the publication of Two in Winter by Liquid Silver Books. I have been a published author for just over a year now.

Anniversaries are, for me, a time for reflection. What’s changed? What would I do differently? What would I do the same?

What’s changed? I couldn’t begin to count the ways my writing has grown the f*ck up over the last year, working with some amazing editors who’ve helped me hone my skills. my day to day life has shifted from being a photographer who writes to being a writer who takes photos, but overall I still spend a fair amount of my day, butt in chair, churning out words, revisions, edits. It’s a good gig. I like what I do. 🙂

What would I do differently? Not much. I’d probably slow down and enjoy the ride more.

What would I do the same? Start blogging with LL&L! What a fantastic group of women to call my friends and colleagues. They’ve nurtured me professionally and creatively, encouraged my artistic pursuits outside of writing, critted the heck out of my writing, and overall been a wonderful network of support and companionship in a very tough industry.

Moving into year two, I am nothing but thrilled with the prospects ahead of me: continuing to hone my craft, writing new stories all the time, exploring human relationships through the written word. Damn, it’s a good gig.

Thanks to all my reader and writer friends for sharing the ride with me. I am lucky to know you!



10 thoughts on “A year in the life of a writer…

  1. There should be much fanfare! Happy anniversary, V! I’m raising my coffee cup in toast to years of great success for you!


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