Who’s Your Favorite Romance Novel Hero?

sideback - bum - waves - DougKoziak11Lately, a lot of people have asked me, which one of my heroes is my favorite?

That’s akin to asking a mom which one of her kids is her favorite. No answer’s right. Each one of my heroes has at least one quality that makes him my favorite. Sounds too PC – right? But it’s true.

In the Mambo series, I loved the way Rolan took to fatherhood, and Terrence had this gentle giant tenderness that did me in. Harry, oh my, Harry – how can you not adore a hunky Texan cowboy who does the dirty with his hat on?

Alex in D is for Desire has that wry sense of humor and cutting wit that just grabs at you. And Jake with his fierce determination to not believe in magic even as it’s happening had me snickering.

Hades Squad banner4 (2)Linc, aka, Sinner, a SEAL who sings opera for his lady – and whose sisters made him play ‘Barbie’ with them – come on, that has to make you melt. Any alpha who can laugh at himself’s a winner and that’s my Lucifer. What can you not love about a SEAL whose nickname is Devil? And my tortured Demon in Demon Seed is a softie hiding behind a hulk – he’s such a sweetheart.

And I defy you to chose from any one of my five Vikings – I can’t. A bear, a dragon slayer, a peacemaker, a destroyer, and a seducer? – you gotta have them all, right?

Right now, I’m in love with Seathe, the wolf hero of  Wolf Without, and my new Viking warrior, Torvän, has taken a claim on my heart. But, then again, my other wolf, ‘Chainsaw Chad’, has a wicked streak that has me cheering for him, even though the odds are stacked against him.

I give up – I love ‘em all – happy Monday!




P.S. The pic’s a shot of my image of Seathe.

6 thoughts on “Who’s Your Favorite Romance Novel Hero?

  1. OMG, Jianne! They all sound so delicious! (Soooo…tell me more about this cowboy doing the dirty with his hat on…I am intrigued!)


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