Mack Attack! Launch of Selkie’s Revenge!

Well, folks, I never thought I’d make it to this day. Yesterday, my second Orkney Selkies book launched- Selkie’s Revenge– and I am stoked!

Selkie's Revenge

As you may know, this isn’t another story about dishy Calan…you remember him, right? The flirty, mostly naked dude who was the hero of The Selkie? Yeah, that guy!

No, this time our story is about his brother Machar, or Mack for short. And Mack is a somewhat different personality than his brother Calan. Where Calan is carefree and fun-loving, Mack is a bit more pensive, a bit more intense. And he’s got a problem.

His biological clock just started ticking.

Now, considering selkies live centuries-long lives, you might not think this is an issue at all. However, for Mack, the unmerciful clanging in the pit of his gut is so loud and palpable, he’s christened it “Big Ben.” Unfortunately, he doesn’t have much time to consider the implications because a foul finman is haunting the Orkney shores, luring women to a watery demise. And Mack hunts these finmen for very personal reasons.

Do men suffer from biological clocks the way women do? I’ve definitely known men who have, although they may not have been as vocal about it as women can be. I’ve known men who long for a wife and children, who yearn to continue their family line. And it can be distressing when the right person hasn’t happened along.

Even still, Mack is suspicious about the process. He knows his brothers Calan and Angus have found true happiness with their mates, but isn’t sure it’s for him. He’s a selkie! A creature known for its promiscuity and sexual prowess! But as it says in the book, “Selkies did mate, and Machar had to admit the idea was sticking with him like a steaming lump of dog shit on the bottom of his boot. He couldn’t seem to scrape it off.”

Will Mack succumb to the pull of his mate? Will fighting the foul finmen even allow him to pursue a mate?

I hope you’ll snap up a copy of Selkie’s Revenge and find out!

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8 thoughts on “Mack Attack! Launch of Selkie’s Revenge!

    • Oh wow, Debbie, thank you so much!! I’m so pleased you were interested and I wish you some very sexy reading. Please let me know what you think!


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