No “i” in team

So you may remember a little project me and the ladies of Love, Lust and Laptops has going a little while ago, Lucky’s Charms.

Lucky's Charms Cover small

well we have started working on another project and no, no matter what you offer I shall not tell you! You can’t force that information from me! I shall take it to the grave! Ooohh alright since you asked so nicely I’ll give you a little hint….

Get your glad rags on ’cause we got a party to go to!

there, that’s all I can give you…already I have said too much *whispers* this will be our little secret.

Ok on another note….my crit group and I have also got a little group project coming out this week.

7sinful secrets is a group of short stories all with a little twist in them.


Marriages shouldn’t have secrets, should they? Follow our seven couples, as they come to terms with the fact that their partner has been holding something back from them. Will it make or break their relationships? Read on to find out, and have your fan at the ready, because these secrets are hot!

7SecretsThis is out on August 2nd!

See there really is no “I” in team……..but there is a whole lot of fun!

Remember until next time: no matter how annoying your Dom/me is, making an “L” sign with your fingers and holding it against your forehead in the universal sign of Loser, at them…..just not smart….just saying

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