The In-Betweens

MM_StormStories_240x384What’s an in-between, you ask?

I don’t know what other authors call them, but for me, it’s those novellas and shorts in a series that fit between main series books or add to a series’ world.

You know the ones — the books that update you on a set of main characters after they had their own book or highlight a secondary character introduced in a main book or look at a different set of characters in the series world.

Such is the case with the free novellas I did for my Security Specialists International series.

Stormy Weather Baby, or Book 1.5, as I like to call it, showed the birth of Keely and Ren’s baby boy, Riley, and introduced Dr. Fiona Teague (SSI operative Price Teague’s younger sister) as a love interest for Trey Maddox.MM_SSI_StormyWeatherBaby_250x350

Storm Front, or Book 2.5, took the Big Earl character from Cold Day in Hell out to Idaho for the wedding of Callie and Risto and hooked him up with Tessa, a friend of Cassie’s.

MM_SSI_StormFront_240x360So, that’s what an in-between book is.  My two shorts are still available FREE as downloads and the links are provided below.  Or they can be purchased together in one print volume, Storm Stories, at

Do you have any favorite in-between books in a series you especially like?

I’ll start, why don’t I?   I love the Thea Harrison novellas she does in her Elder Races series (Samhain publishes them). 

Stormy Weather Baby  (Free download)
Storm Front (Free download)
Buy in Print: Storm Stories

7 thoughts on “The In-Betweens

  1. I love that you do the little update stories and really appreciate the effort you go through to send them out into the world. Thank you.


  2. Although I can’t think of a fave of mine at the moment, I love the idea of these in-between stories Moni. It gives the reader a glimpse into a character about whom they might have been curious, and another perspective.


    • Exactly, Rosanna. I mean I couldn’t allow Keely to be pregnant and not share the drama around Riley’s birth, plus it was the perfect way to set up another book down the road. 🙂 Yes, there is method in my madness.


  3. I love the in-between stories! Thea’s are wonderful and Nalini Singh also does it to some extent with her little snippets available on her website. Not as nice as a full novella of course but still little look-ins between full length books. Love the SSI books 😀 full length or novella.


    • I like Nalini’s also — especially the angel ones. Everyone needs a quick read now and then. Although Storm Front at almost 45K was slightly longer than I had anticipated, but I told the story that needed to be told. (That’s part of the reason I am behind schedule on Vanko’s story!) And thanks for loving my books. 🙂


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