Girlfriends rock!

Earlier this week someone shared a link with me about the benefits of girlfriends. It kinda brought tears to my eyes and got me thinking about how lucky I am to have so many great friends.

Just this week, I found myself and four of my girls in a bar, sitting around a table full of empty martini glasses and several plates of completely unhealthy appetizers, laughing hysterically about embarrassing sex mishaps, offering support as we talked about a spouses’ addiction issues, and talked way too much about vaginas and all the things that seem to go wrong with them after childbirth…apologies to the tables around us.

Though I never get to hang out with the ladies here at LL&L in person, our email exchanges are quite possibly some of the funniest shit I have ever read. Again, the topic of conversation can be serious, supportive, or it can be pee-in-your-pants-spew-coffee-on-the-monitor-hilarious…promises of ass grabbing and French kissing come to mind.

Whether sitting across the table or halfway around the world, my friends play such an important role in my life. Couldn’t do this crazy writing thing without them. They are inspiring (yeah, you’ll probably read about some of those mishaps), supportive (the bar tab was not cheap!), and they tolerate me like no one else does!

So near or far, without a doubt, the best thing about my gals—all of them—is the nasty, raunchy, hilarity that ensues whenever we hang out.

What’s the best thing about your girlfriends?


4 thoughts on “Girlfriends rock!

  1. The best thing about girlfriends is definitely the French kissing. Hee hee. I would have liked to have been at that bar table, Em…I can only imagine…


  2. Best thing about my girl friends is that they never judge. They “know” me — many of them have been my friends for over thirty years (God, that dates me) — so if I am having a bad day or issues they can cut right to the chase and help me figure it all out.

    Unlike Em, I have met some of the LL&L gals at RT and love and adore them. So, Em? We need to get you to a convention so you can hang in the bar, get hugs and kisses (um, I draw the line at tongue — just sayin’), and talk about sex.


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