Fun with the new publishing house!

It’s been an exciting week for me with the release of the first book in my new wolf series, Tarnished. The book is doing spectacularly and the best part is that it was one of the first releases with a brand new publishing house, Taliesin Publishing! Two other fantastic authors also released with Taliesin this week: Kelli Evans, Chasing Dreams, and Theodora Lane, Heart of a Warrior.

I’ve been all over the place this week visiting different sites. ARe featured me on Sunday in the cafe. On Monday, Kat interviewed me on her site: The Book Tart. If you wanna see us giggling on google, you can head over there for a bit.

But the best part is how successful the new series has been! It’s on the best seller list at ARe and in the top 100 on Amazon under werewolves & shifters.

The series is called Wolf Gatherings. Book two releases October 3 with Taliesin Publishing. It’s title is Dominated. Book three is currently being assembled here on my desk top. It should have a January release. It’s in desperate need of a title! And the fun just continues!

A special thanks to my fans for giving this new series a try. I hope everyone is enjoying it. 🙂


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