Back to School!

Here in my little corner of Northwest Georgia, schools started back this week. My own two little ones started kindergarten, which was a huge OMGAHHHH moment for me as a mom. And of course I started thinking about going back to school back when *I* was a kid. Back then, I might not have ever said “I want to be a writer.”

But I did. Somewhere, I did, because I was always writing instead of paying attention in class. I was always swapping stories with my friend Michelle (babe, I love you, you were my very first beta reader of all that NKOTB fan fic, and for that…Well, I owe you a few years of therapy). I remember filling notebook after notebook with the stuff, scribbling away in class, even on the school bus.

So now that my guys are riding the bus themselves and I am home alone with Hank (my very, very large dog), my thoughts turn back to writing. Sure I miss the little guys while they’re gone, but it’s nice to be able to sit down and write a few thousand words without being interrupted to try to explain to the dudes why they can’t keep the turtle they found outside in the back yard. Let me tell you, a lack of reptilian intervention is good for my wordcount!

And since it’s really them going back to school, and not me, I’ll leave y’all with the cuteness of 5 year-old twins posing for a photo before riding the school bus for the very first time. 🙂

Back to school for the Northlets!

Back to school for the Northlets!


5 thoughts on “Back to School!

  1. Sweetness overload! I hope they enjoyed their first week of school, V! Mine start back on the 21st. WHoohhoo!!! Okay, it’s not all great, one of them is starting middle school. Holy. Crap. I. Am. Old.


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