The End of an Era…and a contest! ~ Robin Danner

I’ve reached the end of an era…creatively speaking that is. Last May, I began the journey into The Princes. The creation of Noventia and Aronia were my obsession all year. It began with two princes, one a scholarly peacemaker and the other a playboy determined to continue his kingom’s golden age. As I worked on each novel, the world grew until it became much more than a mere fantasy. A political structure, family trees, and court intrigue were all laid out in black and white.

Last week I submitted the fifth and final Princes book. Was I sad? Yes. It’s not easy letting go of the world I’ve been so wrapped up in for over a year. The Princes marked my triumphant (in my mind at least) return to writing. I slaved over endless revisions until the first two books were contracted. The third and fourth came much easier. The fifth practically wrote itself.

If you’re not familiar with my semi-historical fantasy series, allow me to enlighten you. Talin, the playboy prince, is set to marry his enemy’s daughter. Mathis, his brother, refuses to attend the nuptials. So off goes Nadia (Talin’s favorite soldier) to abduct Mathis. They fall in love along the way.

So what happens to Talin? Rowena, his betrothed, is abandoned by her treacherous father. Yep, you guessed it. They fall in love. Oh, and deal with a rebellion along the way.

Fast forward three years. Rowena’s younger sister, Sara, has always loved Hugh (Nadia’s nephew) who is now a knight. After fighting in the rebellion, he returns home to escort Sara to Aronia where she is to marry the duke. See a thread yet? They fall in love.

Months later, the duke encounters a female carriage robber. Wren is the sister of Wilhem, who lent a major hand in the culmination of the rebellion. To help the duke find his lost ring, Wren accompanies him to Aronia. I think you know what comes next.

So the fifth book you ask? What can possibly top all that loving and fighting? Wilhem, the mysterious ex-“rebel”, gets his own story. Charity, the duke’s sister, is the first plus-sized heroine in the series. So of course, she’s near and dear to my heart. (My hubby’s name is William, so I think you can deduct the inspiration for these two characters.) There’s no rebellion, no intrigue, but these two have to fight their own battles. I’m excited about The Princes Needed and it’s quite possibly my most romantic book to date.

If you haven’t visited the world of Noventia, you’re missing out. But I’ve got a secret. If you want to win the first two books in The Princes series, surf by and share the post asking for 100 likes. Once we pass 100, everyone who has shared the post will automatically be entered into the drawing. And while you’re there, check out the storybook. I’m currently posting images detailing the world of Noventia. You don’t want to miss this!

Until next time, happy reading!!


5 thoughts on “The End of an Era…and a contest! ~ Robin Danner

  1. Hi Robin – I downloaded the first 4 and am looking forward to starting the series. What is the name of the fifth. I am probably looking right at it on Amazon but not seeing it.


    • Hi, Debbie! Thanks so much! As for the 5th, it’s currently with my publisher. Contract should be coming soon. The Princes Needed is its name.


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