GenCon 2013

GenConYes, dear readers.  It is that time again.

What time, you ask?

The time when the streets of beautiful downtown Indianapolis become the playground of Wookies, Storm Troopers, Anime Characters, Manga Characters, Elf Lords, Gnomes, Trolls, well you get the idea, plus all things Worlds of Warcraft and Dungeons and Dragons.  You haven’t lived until you hit the 24-hour Steak & Shake and eat burgers alongside a Storm Trooper,  a C3PO, and some pink-haired, large-eyed Manga type girl.

This year, God, or climate change — it depends on who you ask — has provided mild (low to mid-70s in temperature), non-humid, beautiful sunny days with white cotton ball cloud weather for this Con.  Trust me, in the middle of a normal Indy August, those Storm Troopers could get jock itch in their fiberglass outfits. But not this year.

Of course, the majority of the almost 40,000 attendees will be spending most of their time in the huge climate-controlled convention center playing card games (yes, they still play card games with actual collectible cards and little figurines), fighting with foam weapons in the Dungeons and Dragons dungeon built on the old field of the former home of the Indianapolis Colts (the Colts have a new facility down the street), and playing MMO WoW_Box_Art1 games such as the one my adult son is looking forward to — World of Warcraft.

I guess the MMO games now have trading card features.  Don’t ask.  I’m sure I’ll find out when he carts new cards home from the Con.  I still remember Magic Cards (lord, do I remember Magic cards and how many times a year they rolled out new decks!) — and  my son says that game will be at the Con also.  But he is mostly interested in selling old, rare Magic cards. And that happens at this Con also. There’s also a film festival, art displays, charity events, and LARPing (Live Action Role Playing, in case you didn’t know) to everyone’s heart’s content.

The only thing this Con does not have is a Writers Track (I don’t count Manga).  I guess I am going to have to wait for Comic Con Indy, coming for the first time in March, 2014.

But until then, every year for the last 45 years GenCon (since 2003 in Indy) has been The Best Four Days in Gaming (TM). Wish you were here.

4 thoughts on “GenCon 2013

  1. My daughter and son in law would love this. They are gamers. We have Comic Con in Seattle every March and they go to that and meet their favorite movie and TV stars and get pics. They stood in line just for me and got a signed pic from Dirk Benedict from the old Battlestar Galactica series. He still looks good today!


    • Well, I used to feel for these guys and the Wookies — just imagine wearing a fully body carpet in 90-degree heat and 90% humidity — you’d need to wear ice packs underneath.

      Oh, and I had to make a correction– GenCon is 45-years old– Indy has had it since 2003. Mea culpa. The local newspaper corrected me, the GenCon site is misleading. lol I guess this Con is expected to generate 47 million dollars for the Indy economy – making it one of the largest generators of tourist income for Indy. And who said geeks aren’t the cool kids? BTW just read in the article that Indy has 6 full-time comic bookstores (3 of them downtown) — yes, we Hoosiers know how to get our geek on.

      My son picked up his tickets and badges yesterday at Will Call — they had 30 Will call windows open. It was Trade Day yesterday. He went down early this morning to be there when it opened. He had some gaming to do. 🙂 Good thing the Con came between Summer Session 2 and the start of Fall this year — last year he had classes and only went on the weekend with a one-day pass. He’s picking up any graphic novel chapter samples he can find. Yay!


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