My kind of fun

I had the most brilliant idea last week. Let’s take the kids to Adventureland Amusement Park. It’ll be great! I love rides. I love roller coasters. I love twisting and turning and getting tossed about. Great fun! And we’ll top it off with funnel cake, fried Oreos, French fries, and greasy sandwiches!

Well, apparently I am not as young as I used to be. Because this wasn’t great fun. Okay, it wasn’t terrible. Actually, I loved it. But after the second time on The Scrambler, my bones began to ache. By the time we got on the Raging River, I was feeling a bit tired.

Nobody would get on the Falling Star with me or the Space Shot. Wussies.

But then again, I couldn’t get on the Tea Cups or the Der Flinger. All that spinning makes me want to barf.

So by the time the park closed, we’d been there for ten hours and oh-my-freaking-God was I tired and achy. My tummy was rumbly from the greasy food, my head was throbby from the tossing about I used to love so much, my feet were whiney from the miles and miles of walking in wet-from-the-log-ride shoes, and…yeah, you get the picture.

Lesson learned. I either have to pace myself on these crazy amusement park outings or stick to beaches with books in hand.

Bring on the sand!


4 thoughts on “My kind of fun

  1. Em, too true. After riding all the Mountains twice at Disney World one year, I swore off rides. My brain does not need to be tossed side to side within the skull and my joints don’t need the g-forces. Roller coasters are for young, flexible kids. As for funnel cakes, yum – but my gall bladder (which I am partial to and would like to keep) doesn’t like greasy anything.

    So, sign me up for a nice white sandy beach under an umbrella (melanoma, not good) with a racy, sexy book from one of my fellow LL&L ladies and a fruity alcoholic drink with an teensy umbrella in it — oh and a cabana boy, definitely need one of those. 🙂 Vacation = relaxing in my mind (well, maybe not so much if there is a hunky cabana boy, but sex is good for a body, right?).


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