Hazel Gower ** Giveaway and guest interview!

I am so pleased to welcome author, and Liquid Silver Books pub buddy, Hazel Gower to Love, Lust and Laptops today! I’m particularly excited because Hazel and I share a passion for a certain type of shifter…but that’s neither here, nor “bear.” Get it? Bear?? LOL

Anyway, snuggle in because Hazel is going to answer a few questions for me and is also doing a lovely giveaway of her hot new book Savior to one lucky commenter. So make sure you leave a comment at the end with your email addy

RL: First thing’s first. I just have to ask Hazel, seeing as we have certain ursine friends in common. Your bear shifter series is insanely popular. I know why I enjoyed attacking these unique shifters. How about you? Why bears?

HG: Well, why not? I have always been a huge fan of bears, grizzly bears, American black bears, and polar bears, any type really. They look so cuddly, strong, big and warm. I always thought if I could be a shifter, or have a shifter mate it would be bear, they’re fierce, they protect their offspring, and seem comfortable with themselves. I personally think these traits are high up on the list for a lot of woman. I know they are number one for me.

RL: You move quite easily between contemporary erotic romance and the world of the paranormal. Do you feel more at home in one genre, or do you crave certain aspects of both?

HG: Thank you, The Price of Fame was the first contemporary I ever wrote. I had done a small 5,000 word in a free Christmas read but nothing big. I read quiet a lot of contemporary but had never written one. Markus and Kylie wouldn’t leave me alone until I wrote their story. It was fun to do something different from paranormal. After the price of Fame, I gave some other contemporary writing a try, and Letters to her soldier and Always and Forever came about. I do find paranormal easier to write as I can let my imagination run wild.

RL: Your newest book Savior looks like a bit of a departure for you. What led you to tackle Sci-fi erotica? Are you planning more in this genre?

HG: I love Sci-fi and I read a lot from this genre. Being taken by sexy aliens is a huge fantasy of mine. Savior is actually one of the many books I have written in a leather bound book. I’m very slowly writing them up on my computer and fixing them for publishing.  I have book 2 and half of three in books of the Inteli colorful alien series, waiting for me to write up onto my computer and fix for publishing.  So yes, I will be writing more in this genre and I look forward to sharing my aliens with everyone.

RL: I have to ask. I’m the mom of two busy kids. You have (takes bracing breath) four. How on earth do you fit it all in? And can we bottle your abilities? LOL

HG: I have a wonderful husband and my children are great, they all know mummy writes books.  I also only write at night when they’re asleep and one day on the weekend when hubby is home.  My writing weekend day is spent in my room getting as much as I can done.  I’m hoping next year when I have three children at school I’ll be able to dedicate more time to my writing. I need more hours in the day.

RL: You’ve written a lot of ménage. What advice would you give to other writers hoping to try this genre?

HG: Have fun. That’s the best advice I got. Don’t listen to everyone else do what you’re comfortable with. There are no real rules.

RL: You live in New South Wales, Australia. In North America, many of us still fight against the perception that romance is fluff. Are attitudes toward erotic literature any different in Australia?

HG: I haven’t come across anyone yet that’s told me what I write is fluff. Everyone I’ve told here has been extremely supportive. I have had things said on the internet, but I shrug them off.

RL: Please tell us what exciting works are ahead for you!

HG: I’m working really hard on finishing the third book in my bears series, Sammy, Slater an Brock’s book called Hers.  Then I will start on book four of my Armageddon mates series.  I also have a couple of shifter ménages I have put on hold that I’d like to focus on and finishing.


-beer or wine? None, I’m allergic to alcohol, I can’t even have it touch my skin.

-blond, brunette or redhead (men)? Red heads

-Sammy Hagar or David Lee Roth? Is it bad that I had no idea who these two men were and I had to look them up?

-satin or silk? Satin

-If you could go into the past or ahead to the future, which would you pick? The past, the 1800 in England.

-Gomez Addams or Hermann Munster?   Gomez Addams hands down.


The Inteli, a colorful warrior race sworn to protect the galaxy, need women. Centuries of fighting and a little genetic experimentation mean their race now faces extinction.

Danickra stumbles upon his solution in the human world, and she turns out to be more than he could have ever imagined. But danger and betrayal mean to threaten not only their bond, but also their lives.

Opal was having a bad day. Then, she was abducted by aliens. As she learns more about the race of beings, one in particular she’s falling in love with, treachery is afoot and she’s forced to show she’s not as fragile as they think.

Can this human woman answer the call of destiny and be a savior of the Warrior race?

Buy link: http://www.evernightpublishing.com/savior-by-hazel-gower/



One of the walls opened up, and a bright pink man walked in confidently. They laughed harder. Heather got off the platform bed and walked up to the man. He was brilliant, human-looking except for his bright pink skin, which was hard, almost metal-plated, and shiny like scales. His fingers were long sharp claws, and he had a long tail with a hand on its end that swished when he walked.

Heather touched his rock-hard chest. “Come out now, Ethan, before I kick your arse! I will say I love the pink. How did you get it so bright? Oh I so forgive you kidnapping us. He is yummy.”

What the hell was going on? Opal thought.

Heather took a step back towards her as the man blinked, and Opal could now see his eyes were yellow. “Wow, great contact lenses.”

His tail moved back and forth, and the hand at the end opened and waved.

“Oh. My. God,” Heather squealed.  “What great effects! The tail looks so real.”

Opal laughed and moved to join Heather. She loved Ethan, and she decided she would to buy him a thank you present for cheering her up. She smiled up at Mr. Pink. “Hi. I know my friend sent y…” She stopped mid-sentence as the wall opened again. This time a bright yellow man walked in. He was brighter than a daisy and had sky blue hair.

Opal took several steps towards him, drawn to his beauty. Staring up into purple eyes she sighed. Contact lenses were great. He was tall, easily over seven feet or more, and the chest she was currently looking at was to die for, big, broad, and she bet hard, even without the effects of the shiny scale plating covering his body.

Licking her lips, she groaned. “Yum, yum.” Mr. Pink was hot, but Mr. Yellow had her hand involuntarily fanning her face.

Walking the rest of the way to him, she looked up at his masculine face and moaned out. “Ethan really outdid himself with you. You look freaking awesome. Well you both do, but…” She reached up and touched his chest to see if it felt as hard as it looked. Mr. Yellow blinked and gave her a startled look, and then he smiled, showing wicked long sharp white fang-like teeth. Reaching up she touched one sharp point. “Wow, these even feel real.”

Her finger caught on the front tooth tip, and a drop of blood started to drip down into his mouth. “Ouch.”

Opal snatch her hand away, but quick as lighting his clawed hand gently pulled it back, and into his mouth. He sucked on her finger. Shivering, she clamped her legs together and tried to move her eyes from his intense stare. The bright purple orbs seemed to darken, trapping her as she stood on tip-toes leaning into him.

Heather’s voice snapped her out of the staring contest. Biting her lip so she wouldn’t laugh as Heather groaned, “Opal, you have to lick their skin. Whatever Ethan did, or used to make them this color, it doesn’t come off, and they taste like chocolate.”

Turning to watch she giggled as Heather licked Mr. Pink’s muscular chest. Opal grinned and tuned back to Mr. Yellow and pointed to his chest. She needed to check this out. “May I?”

He grinned and pulled her closer. Hesitantly at first, she leaned her head in and licked his hard muscled chest. Yum. He did taste good. Chocolate. Mmm. Her favorite. He felt odd. His hard plated skin felt as smooth as satin. She pulled back and tapped on it, wondering what Ethan had used. He chuckled as she continued to explore.

Heather laughed as Mr. Pink picked her up and started to walk to one of the panel walls. “Oh my God, Opal, you don’t think Ethan paid these guys to sleep with us?”

Staring up at the gorgeous model face, she sighed. Great, just great. Ethan thought she was so desperate to lose her virginity he’d ordered male escorts, and did them up the same as his alien shoot he had done today, knowing her fantasy of being with an alien.

Heather was now trying to get down as she yelled, “I can, we can, find our own men.”

Mr. Pink growled and held Heather with both hands.

Heather continued. “We are not that desperate to get laid. To sleep with a guy our friend hired to have sex with us, even if you are hot.”

Mr. Pink stopped and placed Heather on the ground. He then looked at Mr. Yellow, who grinned and nodded like they were making up their minds about something. Mr. Pink chuckled and stalked Heather who’d been backing away from him. He picked her up again and grinned then, walked to the panel and left, leaving Opal with Mr. Yellow.  He shrugged and stared down at her.

Opal smiled at him and tried to think of a way to word things without insulting him, and him picking her up like Heather and being carted away. “Ah, yeah, what she said. I can totally find my own ma—” She screamed as he picked her up like she weighed nothing at all.

The wall panel opened up, and Opal saw Mr. Pink taking Heather down a hallway, her friend screaming profanities as Mr. Yellow took her in the opposite direction.

*** Leave a comment telling us why you’d like to read Savior and a pdf copy could be yours! **

7 thoughts on “Hazel Gower ** Giveaway and guest interview!

  1. I’d like to read Savior because I’d like to read yet another side of Hazel’s writing…
    I know the shifters are on point and the contemporary too… Just want to follow the flow of the author…

    caiidynsmommie at gmail dot com


  2. I am a HUGE Bear fan and have read both your books with these characters (stop laughing at me Rosanna), I would be interested to see you take all the things I love in your “bear” books and put them into a Scifi Romance:)…

    bjkuhl (at) gmail (dot) com
    aka t’irla
    aka Easy for Bearshifters ….jus kiddin


  3. Thank you all for your comments on Hazel’s post! I have thrown all the names into a bag and have drawn the following name…Blaisezillah (Jessica)!! Congrats Jessica. I will be contacting you shortly.


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