What’s up next? Lynn Lorenz

TorI just turned in my first set of edits for the second book in the series, WereWolf Fight League: Ashland!!!

Can’t wait to get it done and then move to the cover art. It’s one of my favorite parts- getting my cover art.

As you can see, the cover for the first WWFL book, Tor, it really great. It’s got the cage, the championship belt and the lickable tattoo all the werewolf fighters are branded with –
see they’re slaves.

That’s right, my heroes are slaves. In this world I’ve created, there are lots of slaves. The werewolves are top of the heap, then there’s the well trained and gorgeous sex slaves, both male and female, and household slaves and even, if you’re unlucky enough to be convicted of a crime, those citizens who are sentenced to slavery, the lowest of the low, the slaves that clean the streets, and bury other slaves.

It’s a very earth-like world in many ways. Where betting on fighting matches between werewolf slaves, is a blend of Roman gladiators, thoroughbred breeding, UFC, and dog fighting, all televised for their world to see and gamble on.

Slavery a big business, bringing in lots of money, and the government supports it. They have to, because the industry is big money. And it’s regulated, but only barely.
But there are rules to owning slaves, not many, enough to make it hard to free a slave, but not enough to bring anyone to court who abuses his or her slave.

After all, when you own someone, you hold their life in your hands – and if those hands are cruel, harsh, without a shred of dignity or compassion, your slave’s life is beyond miserable. But there’s no law against that cruelty. Sometimes, it might be better to be dead than alive.

That’s all the hint I’ll give you for the new book, Ashland.

But I’m hoping you’ll see a similiar styled cover – and it gives you a peek at my new hero. Ashland is a red-head, of Irish-Anglo descent, and one of many offspring of a champion. He’s been mistreated, and gets a second chance with Dan Stoltz, and up and coming trainer of sparring partners for the main fighters. (You may remember both Dan and Ashland from the first book, where they made an appearance.)

Dan has one rule – don’t screw the slaves.
But when he buys Ash, will he break that rule?

You’ll have to read to find out.
I hope you won’t have to wait long…as soon as I have a date, I’ll let you know, but I’m hoping it’ll be this fall/winter.

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