What’s up next? part two…

Thanks for the segue, Lynn!

I have a lot going on this fall. My recent release, Tarnished, with new publisher, Taliesin Publishing has been a smashing hit! I’m so excited and pleased with the response. Tarnished is the first in s series of books called Wolf Gatherings. The next will release October 3. It’s called Dominated. The third will release February 6. It’s called Completed. And the fourth is currently running around in my head for next spring, Redeemed. That’s the Wolf Gatherings series.

Meanwhile, the Durham wolves series is still going strong. Rescue in the Smokies came out in the spring. Fire in the Smokies releases September 17 with Samhain Publishing. And the final book in that series, Freedom in the Smokies, releases December 29. And that’s a wrap for the Durham Wolves. However, they do have family connections on the other side of the country, so it’s always possible a new series will spawn off that one and take a life of its own.

Because I’m a wolf girl–does that even sound right?–I wrote a stand alone called Wolf Trinity that releases with Liquid Silver Books on November 18. I don’t think there is any room to expand on that, but never say never… Anything is possible. That book veers a bit from my usual in that it is m/m/f. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, what’s up next? I’m currently knee deep in a very long BDSM series. A break from all those wolves was needed! The series is called Emergence. The first book is titled Bound to be Taken. It releases next spring with Samhain Publishing. The second book is my current WIP. I’m plowing through it every day. ๐Ÿ™‚ These two books are very long and quite different from anything I’ve ever written. Not for the faint of heart. They are also m/m/f.

And then what? Well, I’ll be working on that fourth book in the Wolf Gathering series next month and then I’ll think about revisiting the Wolf Masters series. It’s calling to me… Sometimes it screams at me in the night, but I haven’t had time to listen!

That’s about it. I really want to thank everyone who is enjoying my books. It’s amazing the response I’ve had and I appreciate every single reader. If you want to contact me, I will respond! Smooches, Becca

One thought on “What’s up next? part two…

  1. Whoa, Becca. Are you taking energy pills or something? Where do you find the time to write so many books? I know you have kids — kids take lots of time. Do you sleep?

    And keep on with the wolfie books, you know how I love my wolfies. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hugs.


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