A Tale of Two Covers

I had every plan to share a bit of cover art for the first in a series of upcoming M/M erotic shorts today. And then I was surprised by receiving the cover for my October release, Hostile Beauty just the day before yesterday. What’s a girl to do?

Share them both!

One of the most exciting things for any author is receiving their cover art from the publisher. I have to say, I always get a little flutter of nerves as I wait, but I was thrilled with this design by Kelly Shorten:


First of all, it’s hot, hot HOT! Second of all, it made me want to go back and add a few more scenes to the book up against that wall. (I think my editor would probably kill me. Hi Liz!)

Hostile Beauty will be released October 18 by Musa Publishing.

The story behind the other cover is a little different. This is the first in a series of shorts I’ll be self-publishing. Since I have a strong background in photoshop from my days as a lifestyle photographer, I decided to *gasp* make my own cover. It’s not the first cover I’ve made, and I’m sure it won’t be the last, but it meant I never got that moment of anticipation while I was waiting to see how it would turn out. Instead, it was an ongoing process of selecting the photograph, retouching/painting and then hand coloring it, doing the layout, etc. In the end, I’m very happy with it, but miss the big reveal moment.

Instead, you guys get to have the big reveal!

The Dark Collector will be published sometime this fall/winter. It’s the first of several erotica short stories/novellettes I’ll be releasing, and I won’t schedule it’s exact release date until the second one is ready to follow a couple months later. The stories won’t be related to each other except in themes and length, so each one will stand alone. I can tell you this first story is an intense erotic exploration of identity and loneliness, there are BDSM elements, and there’s a bunch of bitey, hot, guy-on-guy sex.

The Dark Collector Cover 1600

So that’s my tale of two covers, I hope you all enjoyed them! ❤


8 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Covers

  1. Hot covers is right. Man, where are these men? I mean I know you write m/m erotic, but a girl wants to see these kind of men in real life, ya know? Need to go on a man hunt — oh, wait, I have a man. Never mind. Had a cougar moment there.

    And, V, you are very talented cover artist — the next short story collection cover for our Halloween stories is proof of that. xoxoxo


    • Awww, thanks Moni! That Halloween cover was fun–pretty soon it will be time to redecorate the blog for that event, so I’d better get cracking on those graphics too! I can’t wait to read everyone’s stories. 😀


  2. Hot hot hot! And I agree, you are a very talented cover artist (cough, Spring Training, cough). Both of your covers are incredible! I can’t stop staring at the pattern on that dude’s chest! 🙂 Keep ’em comin’!


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