I Like Big Butts – Robin Danner

Big girls need love too. Right?

Unfortunately it’s not very apparent in the romances I read growing up. As a plump pre-teen, I was one of the lucky ones. I had good friends and was “smart”. So I escaped most of the teasing that chubby kids often endure. Apparently I’m also intimidating…which makes many think twice before crossing me. But in actuality, I just have a “Who cares what people think?” kind of attitude. It’s served me well my entire life. Not to say I’m a Witch with a B or anything, but I pretty much say what I mean and mean what I say. (I’m also stubborn, but we’ll save that for another day.)

Back to the topic at hand. When you’re a romance writer who is…shall we say…a frequent shopper at Lane Bryant, you start to notice glaring oversights in the romance genre. Thankfully in recent years, there has been a boom in the BBW market. Me personally, I don’t think you should write a plus-sized heroine just for the sake of writing a plus-sized heroine. The character should make sense. And PUH-LEEZE don’t give me that hogwash about a heroine being 250 lbs and having NO insecurities whatsoever. I’ll be quick to call bullshit on that one. No one wants to be the chunky gal when they grow up. So give me a heroine with real-life insecurities that rises above them. How many of us have dreamed of being rail-thin with long blonde hair and big boobs? In my case, two out of three ain’t bad. ; )

I also have a problem with “plump” heroines being phrased as curvy or size 12. Come on! In the world today, that’s normal. I want a gal with some meat on her. Go big or go home, I say! Pun not intended, I swear.

Now before you start saying I’m a cold-hearted person, let me just preface this by saying I’m a very plump gal who proudly shops Lane Bryant, squeezes into size 26 jeans, and possesses embarrassing cellulite on her thighs. Do I still wear a bathing suit in public? Hell yes, I do! Do I still have the wee moment of insecurity when I remove my cover-up? You betcha. But at the end of the day, I look in the mirror and I’m proud of what I see. Sure, I may be perilously close to three hundred pounds, but I’m well-proportioned. My hair may need to be trimmed, but it’s a pretty strawberry blonde. I may be blind as a bat, but at least I’ve got cute hazel eyes. My ass can rival J.Lo’s….wait, who am I kidding? NOBODY’s ass rivals J. Lo’s (but it’s pretty damned close.) The point of what I’m saying…who cares if you’re overweight? Love you for you and rest assured that a hero will too.

**In celebration of big gals, my latest heroine is a BBW. Look for her story in The Princes Needed, the thrilling conclusion to The Princes series, coming soon to Liquid Silver Books.**

12 thoughts on “I Like Big Butts – Robin Danner

  1. I so agree if I read one more BBW book where the heroine is as size 12 I may just have a bit of a hissy fit. That is not BBW as far as I’m concerned if your small enough to shop at as regular store you are not BBW that said there are some fantastic book out there in the genre


    • Exactly! My first BBW (Overnight Sensation) was a size 16, which is on the smallest side of plus-sized in my eyes. But for Charity, I wanted to go larger.


  2. You go girl! Having an ‘I don’t care what you think’ attitude is the best thing a child can take into adulthood. Self confidence is nowhere near the same as ego and it should be celebrated.

    I know it’s not the same thing at all, but as a very tall gal (just a titch under 6′) I feel frustrated when so many heroines are tiny petite things. And don’t you dare call a guy very tall if he’s under 6’3″. I’ve read a few books where the gal is a tall drink of water and luckily the authors have been smart enough to have her man be quite tall too and I love the notion that us taller gals can feel delicate and feminine with the right guy.

    Inversely, I also find it humorous when the girl is supposed to be well under a foot shorter than her guy yet it’s never addressed in the love scenes how that disparity can make getting intimate a challenge.


    • Good points, Nickie. I probably am guilty of the height disparity thing…I always close my eyes and envision where the top of her head should hit on the hero if there is a large height difference, but being 5’4″ myself anyone over 5’10” is a giant to me! ; )


  3. I love my stories to have BBW. I agree size 12 is not plus and when I hear the character waxing on about how big she is at a size 12 sometimes it can work a nerve I take special note when I read something with a size 16,18 and even a 24 size herione. I love it. Congrats on your series.


  4. Great blog, sweetie, and you know I love you (and your books).

    All women have image issues. And after over six decades of living, I’ve found we are harder on ourselves than our men are. I have always had a “butt” — before and after pregnancy — so I relate to image issues. As a teen, growing up in the era of Twiggy, I hated my butt.

    Now, I love my round Pilates-shaped ass (yes, I have cellulite — or as my mom fondly called them dimples) — it’s there and it’s mine and I have embraced it (well, not literally since I am not that flexible and would have to twist like a pretzel). BTW,I’m not BBW but average-sized with an hour-glass figure. This blog was so synchronistic since I was having this discussion with my Pilates instructor today as she was making me lift that ass in the air using my abdominal muscles — oy, gravity does work against you. 🙂

    So, all you ladies out there, BBW or average or thin as a rail — love yourself. That’s the first step to others loving you too.


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