A week without writing. Harder than it seems.

I don’t take a lot of vacation time. You see, I work part-time at my library, so every week is like a little vacation. And I write, which I love, making my work feel like the greatest pleasure. However, hubby gets 4 weeks vacation every year. We try hard to take time off as a family. Typically, we go down south for a week in January and we play it by ear in summer.

We just finished our summer vacation week with the kids. It was a stay-cation. For the whole week, I promised myself to leave writing alone and refresh myself, taking time out with the family. Just one little week. Easy peasy.



I come to you now, much as a nerve-rattled smoker who is suffering withdrawal. My hands are shaking and there’s a queer feeling in my tummy. By the end of the week, I was trying to find little ways to get hubby and kids out of the house, just so I could reread a passage and keep my mind fresh. It’s only been 7 odd days, and I feel I’ve lost touch with my WIP. I couldn’t even remember where I left off.

I missed writing so much. It became clear during my “vacation” that writing is simply what I am meant to do. It’s my vocation and I suffer without it. I guess that’s a good thing, knowing you love your career so much you don’t want to take time away from it. God only knows, I never felt that way about taking time off from other jobs. You couldn’t get me out of the building fast enough.

So am I writing this week? I won’t be able to do much, as I’ve taken on some extra shifts at the library, thus my pain continues. Hopefully I’ll be able to sketch out a scene or two. My publisher asked me the other day when Gemini Island Shifters 3 would be ready. Soon, I say, soon…I have a mysterious tiger shifter visiting Gemini Island in this one, and a little lynx woman who is none too pleased to see him. If I don’t finish their story, I will go insane.

Don’t get me wrong. I love spending time with family. However, I won’t lie and say I’m not excited to see the boys go back to school soon. Mummy time is important too.

And I can’t wait to get back to work!

10 thoughts on “A week without writing. Harder than it seems.

    • Thank you so very much, Debbie! I am so happy you enjoyed them. I am rather fond of the residents of Gemini Island myself, so I’m glad they’ve found a home on your ereader. I will get to work!


    • LOL, funny, Parker! Well, I’m just glad people are reading and I’m thankful for every one of them! And hubs is pretty good about my writing time. One day, when I’m keeping him in the style to which he’s never become accustomed, he may appreciate it even more. LOL


  1. I so empathize, Rosanna. Writing is so cathartic. It becomes a need. Four weeks vacation a year is awesome though and those boys of yours are terrific! Hey – you do a week down south every year? How far south?


    • Thanks Jianne! It is cathartic. I love it. Thanks for your kind comments on my boys. 🙂
      We typically escape to Mexico in January but aren’t sure about this year, because my eldest is in grade 7- a big year!!


  2. You didn’t put a warning on here that this was a horror story! LOL!! I am like a crack addict. If I’m not writing, I’m thinking about what I want to be writing. This is why I have a bajillion (really,I counted) story ideas. Of course….if I just had the time to write them. But, please, next time you talk about something so frightening as not writing for days, give a girl a warning!


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