Romance Buzz Kill

Okay, I don’t know about the rest of you, but clean, fresh from the laundry sheets are a must. I am the type who checks for bed bugs in hotels and motels. So, when I saw this  Article on Men Changing Sheets Survey, I sort of went EEUW.

Then I immediately marched downstairs to my 27-year-old son’s room in the basement (yes, he lives with us while he is still in school), and gave him the Mom lecture that dirty beds are a romance buzz kill. Not that he is bringing any lady friends home to mom. 🙂

The next thing I knew — dirty sheets were in the laundry, and he went out and bought three new sets of sheets. Hey, who said adult children don’t listen to their mothers?

Share other romance buzz kills — and I’ll share them with my son. He’s proven to be educable.

3 thoughts on “Romance Buzz Kill

  1. Okay I will be the first to admit i love sexy sweaty man smell but there is a limit dirty man smell yuk. if i can smell your stench from the other side of the room you need to shower before you are coming anywhere near me. a little bit of sweat yummy a lot not so much.


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