Time to get your freak on!

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new kind of freak-fest going on. That’s right…Friday Night Freak-Fest.

This little gathering of authors and readers was the brainchild of several erotica authors after a comment Jennifer Sage’s Facebook page turned into an impromptu online writing session.

They worked together to come up with a great idea: the aforementioned Friday Night Freak-Fest. This is a Facebook page found here where writers come together at 9PM EST every Friday night for some “ad-lib erotica.”

What this means is a story idea is tossed out and the first author takes a few minutes to gather her thoughts. She tosses out a freshly written segment within her allotted time, then the next author reads it, takes a few minutes, and then tosses out her segment. This keeps going for an hour! An hour of authors coming together and throwing out unedited, never before seen stories for the readers who are on the page.


Last Friday, the 23rd, was the first attempt at this, and it was great. They already have over 200 likes on the page. I had to miss getting my freak on last week, but I will be there tonight and I’m so excited.

How fun to put authors on the spot like that! To make them think of something amazing right then, and put it out there for others to read, and for it to be a continuation of a story started just moments before.

Okay, so I may be a little too giddy about this, but honestly…this is so cool!
I hope you’ll pop in tonight! If you do, make sure to wave and say hi!

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