Labor Day Lounging

fw200606_guavabbqThe Labor Day holiday signals me that the year will be over in a blink. Honestly, doesn’t it seem like the ninety or so days between today and Thanksgiving happens in three seconds? Then Christmas is upon us, and, look, another year’s vanished!

Do you remember when it took forever for you be a year older? Sigh. I’m convinced they had it right with Mork and Mindy (now I’m dating myself to the max), and that you should be born old and wise and reverse age, with all the prudence gained from a lifetime. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way, so I’m trying to slow 2013 down by doing something I rarely do – taking the entire day off.

We’re empty nesters this holiday and have decided to lounge around the pool, sipping margaritas, and barbecuing ribs. I imagine most people will be doing something similar, but with a group of friends and family. We’re keeping it simple and stupid and avoiding any have to do’s like the plague.

Here’s a recipe for my favorite Guava Ribs from Food & Wine. These are a bit of work, but absolutely worth it!

Have a labor-free holiday!




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