WereWolf Fight League – Lynn Lorenz

Tor So I’ve just submitted the final edits of the second book in my shifter series, Werewolf Fight League: Ashland.

This is the story of Ashland, and Irish werewolf who’s gets a second chance at a new owner, and a new life. His old owner, well, to say Ash hates him would be mild. And his new owner? Well, Dan Stoltz is a man of principle and honor and he longs to build a business training champions in the cages – by owning a string of sparring partners.

In this world, like in the first book Werewolf Fight League: Tor, the werewolves are slaves, bred for their fighting skills, their lineage carefully mapped out to insure champion fighters. Ashland is one of the sparring partners, Stoltz’s first purchase, his first slave.

The first time he’s become a master. And with it comes great responsibility. Not to be like some owners, but to give some small semblance of dignity to his slave. And part of that is to not have sex with the man he now owns.

Not even if he can’t stop thinking about the handsome Irish werewolf. Because, even if Ash said he wanted Stoltz, how could he believe him? Slaves are trained to please their masters, trained to give them whatever they wanted. They have no free will.

“Turn him around!” someone shouted.
The men walked, jerking the werewolf, and he moved around in a slow circle, muscles flexing, letting everyone have a look at his exposed body.
Stoltz couldn’t help but drop his gaze to the dark red thatch of hair surrounding a long flaccid cock. Even at rest, it was impressive. Full balls. As a non-breeder, he’d been clipped. Functioning, just couldn’t breed. On the backside, a firm, round ass, and strong thighs leading down to well-developed calves.
Stoltz’s dick jumped, and he coughed, then shifted in his seat, dropping his booklet onto his lap to cover his arousal.
“I’m not sure.” Definitely not. He didn’t need a werewolf who turned him on. He was not, and would never be, one of those owners who fucked their slaves. Rape was more like it. He’d never force himself on someone with no power.
And he had plenty of fuck buddies, if he wanted one.
Murphy slapped him on the back. “He’s prime. And you’ll never get a chance at one so cheap. With him, you can get your training business started. Earn some money, then buy a few more, and have an entire string of sparring partners.” The man grinned at Stoltz.
“Yeah, I know, but…” Stoltz did not want to say but what. Hell, no. Murphy knew him, knew he preferred men, but Murphy had been the one to teach him about the special trust that built between master and slave and how easily masters could destroy it by forcing their slaves, male or female, to have sex against their will.
A slave has absolutely no control over anything, Murphy had lectured him. The least we can do is let them fuck who they want. If you want a whore, go rent one, but don’t ever use your slave.
“No.” Stoltz shook his head. “I want the Chinese. I can make money right away.”
“If he’s got a good pedigree. If not, you’ll be hawking cum from here to the end of time.” Murphy looked over the form again, pointing at the Chinese’s genealogy. “He’s not bad, but this one is better, I tell you. He’s out of Liam, and he was a champion in his day.”
“Liam, huh?” Stoltz twisted his lips. One of the best Irish lines. Big, brave, and with a lot of heart. Many of Liam’s offspring had gone on to championships in the arena.
“Fifteen hundred!” a bidder shouted out.
Murphy stared at Stoltz. “Don’t waste time.”
The werewolf came full circle, looking up and out, refusing to lower his head. Impressive as hell, and Stoltz knew it. Murphy was right. He’d never get a werewolf so cheap, with such a good bloodline, or with so much potential.
“Fifteen five!” Stoltz shouted, holding up his bidding number.
The werewolf searched for Stoltz’s voice, found him, and locked gazes. Another shiver shot down Stoltz’s back, but he didn’t show it. Another of Murphy’s rules of ownership—never let a slave know how you feel about him or her. Undermines the master’s power.

I’m hoping Ashland will come out this winter, and when it does I’ll let everyone know. But if you’re interested in shifters, or slaves, or this world I’ve created, you can read the first in the series, Tor, and get a taste for life in WWFL.

Werewolf Fight League: Tor – http://www.loose-id.com/werewolf-fight-league-1-tor.html
or at Amazon – http://www.amazon.com/Tor-WereWolf-Fight-League-ebook/

To see more of my books, including other shifter stories, go to

10 thoughts on “WereWolf Fight League – Lynn Lorenz

    • Thanks Monette! I love UFC and wanted to do this for the longest time. This is truly a blend of UFC/Gladiators/Thoroughbred Horses/dog fighting set in an alternate world where slaves are kept.
      I’m loving those shifters!


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