Rosanna’s first love scene ever!

I was recently pouring over some old manuscripts, trying to see if anything looked salvageable. I’ll be the first to admit that when I started writing, I knew nuts. Some of my old stories clearly exemplify this.  Still, it’s important to remember where we came from and how we developed.

In reviewing some of these old docs, I came across my very first novel (still unpublished, and will likely remain that way until I do some major revision!) It is called The Rose Requiem, and is a story that is part romance, part historical, part journal, part ghost story, part murder mystery…well, it has a lot of parts. Too many. I hadn’t quite learned how to pare things down yet.

However, it boasts the love scene that started me on my path to being an erotic romance writer. It was because of this scene that I got the sexy bug. And I thought it might be fun to share my very first sex scene with you! It’s pretty tame by my current standards, but still gives me a little thrill.

Now please bear in mind this is unedited and my first book ever. Don’t laugh too hard. 😉

I give you the love scene from The Rose Requiem!


“Your love is no disgrace to me.”  Emboldened by her admission, I stepped forward and pulled her into my arms.  With one hand, I lightly caressed her face and wiped her wet hair out of her eyes.

She stiffened in my arms.  “But you could have any woman in the world.”

“I want you.”  I ran my fingers over her lips.  Then being unable to resist any longer, I kissed my Claudia.  The stiffness left her body and she melted into my arms.  Oh, the heaven that was that moment!  We kissed each other for the longest time in that darkened church, our only light being the moonbeams that issued through the stained-glasswindows.  And as I kissed the greatest love I’ve ever known, that trio of saints, Bartholomew, Michael and Cecilia, silently watched us.  I felt as if the holy trio was granting us their blessing on that sacred occasion.

After a time, I led Claudia to a darker, little chapel at the other end of the church.  There, away from my mother’s grave, I laid her down on my cloak.  I’ll never forget the look of her in that moment.  I’ll never forget the warmth of her breath, and the scent of her skin.  Her arms reached for me.  Her mouth opened to me again and again.  She gave me what she had never given another, and I did feel like a god.

We were there all night.  As we waited for the rain to stop, I caressed her and marvelled at the sweetness of her body.  When the rays of the early morning sun began to penetrate the stained-glass windows, I bundled Claudia in my large cloak, and gathered the two horses.  I helped her mount Shade, and I climbed up behind her.

When we arrived at the inn, Claudia still looked hesitant.  “Edward, I do not want you to regret your decision to marry me.”

“Not marrying you would be my greatest regret.”


Well, kids, whatdya think? Do I have a future in melodrama?

Maybe I should stick to my Greek gods and bear shifters…

14 thoughts on “Rosanna’s first love scene ever!

    • Oh, thanks so much, Debbie! Do you have two years to spare, because this book is looooong! LOL I poured my heart and soul into this first book, and it contains so much. I could probably chop it up into 3 books now. Maybe one day I’ll return to Edward and Claudia. 🙂


    • LOL, thanks Brenda!! It still scandalizes me a little that I wrote that scene in a church, but I’ve kept that in mind for future debauchery!


    • Hee hee, thanks Michelle. I’d love to return to it one day, because the story spoke to me. But it would need a major rehaul. I’m not sure I have that energy!


    • LOL, thanks Karin! Oh, believe me, there was some head-hopping, if not in this passage. It’s amazing I didn’t lose my lunch with all the head-hopping in some of my early work!


  1. Sweetie, your talent shines through in that scene. It read like a lot of the gothics I read in the 70s. I’ve had to rewrite every single book I published before 2003. Will soon have them all re-issued. So, when you have time – take what you like about these characters and make them the center of a new book. Thanks for sharing.


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