It’s A Pisces Thing

PiscesYes, I am a fish. And for some reason, lately all my fishy friends (aka other people born under the sign of Pisces) and I are under a lot of stress.  Not the tragic-induced kind, but the trying-to-do-it-all-and-please-everybody kind.

If you’re of the female persuasion, you know what I am talking about.  Take the usual woman-who-does-too-much and multiply it by five and you have a Pisces woman-who-does-too-much.

Bottom line, I’m stressed.  I have lists of my lists so I don’t forget all the shit I’ve promised to do.

It’s all my own damn fault.  The word is “NO.”  Two little letters — an “n” and an “o.”  But for some reason that word seems to get lost when  I need it.

So?  What do I have on my plate?  Most of it is writing related — after all I am mostly an author now.  We won’t get into the legal work I have promised to do for people, because you aren’t interested in that and it pertains to other people. 🙂

But here is what you should be seeing from Monette Michaels over the next few months (if she gets her shit together, that is):

MM_DeathBenefits1. Appearance and signings at Bouchercon, A New York State of Crime, in Albany, Sept. 18-21.  I will be on the “Temptation” panel on Thursday, September 19th, and will sign at the Booze & Broads II at Mystery Mike’s booth in the Dealer Room on Friday, September 20th with Tina Whittle, Heather Graham, and Melinda Leigh. And, yes, there will be wine and whiskey shots. When Mystery Mike promises booze and broads — both are present.

2.  Re-release of Death Benefits, a romantic mystery that has been out of print since December, 2005. Look for it in early October at Amazon and B&N, at a minimum.

3.  Weather the Storm, SSI, Book 3, should be to my publisher by the end of this week (that would be tomorrow!). Which means, if all goes well with the edit, it could be out in late October/early November.  I will make an MM_SSI3_WeathertheStorm_draftannouncement once I have a firm date.

4.  The Lovely LL&L ladies and I are working on a surprise for Halloween. An announcement on that will be made soon.  Of course, I am not done yet, since I am still working on Weather the Storm. I am one of those people who can not work on two books at once.

5.  I have multiple crit partners for whom I am working on their manuscripts. Plus, I beta-read for several people  and take an occasional submission to read for my publisher (I was the first acquisitions director and dip my toe when asked, sort of like a super-sub).

6.  I am working with a PR person to create a unified plan and look for my social media, my web site, my personal blog, and my brand overall. This really stresses me — but is needed and has been for a long time. You can’t just write books any longer and put them up and hope they sell. Since Twitter and I have issues (I write long — 147 characters is not enough!), this should be an interesting experience.

7.  I am teaching an on-line class each month through the rest of the year.

8.  And, finally, I need to start on the next Prime book.  And I hope to knock out a rough first draft by the end of the year. Um, I  am not holding my breath, and neither should my Prime fans — this is a loose goal, not one etched in stone. Especially in light of the fact that there is this guy and a gal with a stalker, plus the H/H are into BDSM — well, let’s just say this story is in my head and it won’t go away (I tried to beat it into submission by explaining my Prime fans are waiting — um, no go) and once their names come to me, I’m really doomed. And if it would only be a novella, I could start it and Prime 3 (which needs a title) at the same time — but I have a sneaking suspicion that it is a full-length novel — and well, I’m doomed.

destinysMagickweb9. And all my Rae Morgan books are getting new covers.  Here is the Destiny’s Magick cover by the fabulous Lynn Perkins.  Of course, this is no stress on me; Lynn does all the work, I just get to okay it. 🙂

So, those are part of the reasons I am stressed.

So?  Please share what’s stressing you.  If you, like me, are a woman who does too much (and God help you if you’re also a Pisces), maybe we can start a self-help group.

12 thoughts on “It’s A Pisces Thing

  1. Fabulous…and exciting looking forward to these books and all the covers are beautiful – and Moni I hate Twitter – what is it with hall the hash tags and at signs? As for trying to write more than one book with your different worlds… I say the fact you don’t shows in that each book – there are never any continuity issues…


    • Hey, Gail. Thanks. Glad I’m not the only Luddite re Twitter. I am going to try to get better at it. Thank you for the compliment — I try very hard to not have continuity issues — and I know if I do, my fans will quickly point them out. I love my fans.


  2. Wonderful re the books *happy dancing* not wonderful re the stressing *sending hugs*. I’m stressed this week in particular because we did a Home Show this past weekend which means no break from our store. Which means I’m starting the week tired, which means lots of things to put back – although I don’t tend to prioritize putting things back which means I’m tripping over things that aren’t where they belong which means…..well you get it…..I must reread SSI series in prep for Vanko *happy sigh and stepping over things that should be put away by now*.


    • Peggy – so what do you do that you participate in a home show? How cool. I love Home Shows. And you are so sweet to re-read my books. It makes me feel like I’ve made the big time. I have authors I re-read again and again. So, thank you.


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  4. Heck, I’m exhausted just reading that list. You are a superwoman! I’m crawling into a hidey hole – do I feel unproductive or what?
    Seriously, a huge congratulations on your SSI finish and kudos on juggling so many balls all at once!
    Can’t wait to meet you next year at RT:)


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